Counting The Beat Feb 2021



Kraus - An Arrow In The Haunch, A Golden Brain (Ultra Eczma)

Seafog - White Is Not A Colour, Animal Lovers (Zelle Records)

Night Shades - The Desert (Beasto)

Rebel Truce - Licence To Kill, The Lost Tapes EP (Green Recordings)

Threat Meet Protocol - The Witch Trials (self released)

Robert Scott - Harmonic Deluxe, The Creeping Unknown (Unwucht)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hanoi 6, IC-01 Hanio (Jajaguwar)

We Will Ride Fast - More Dead Than Alive, Emotional Molecules (Fight Cave Or Hole Records)

Pumice - Gride, Table (Soft Abuse)

Wild Poppies - Out Of Mind, Heroine: The The Wild Poppies Complete Collection 1986-1989 (Manufactured Recordings/Pretty Olivia Records)

Bailter Space - Splat, Wammo (Flying Nun)

Double Happys - The Others Way (Flying Nun)

Coach - Don't Weep, Family Ties (self released)

Popstrangers - In Some Ways, Antipodes (Carpark Records)

Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun, Whale Rocket (Lil' Chief Records)

Terror Of The Deep - Get it Together, Death Of The Gideon (Selection)

Mice On Stilts - Tuatara Lawn, An Ocean Held Me (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)

Opposite Sex - La Rat, Opposie Sex (Fishrider Records)

Night Shades - Nerves (Beasto)

Die! Die! Die! - 450 (Records Trecetera)

Antagonist A.D. - Gates Of Hell / Pure Fear, Through Fire (Grayscale Records)

Bloody Hell - Weeds & Seeds (Spik & Span)


Counting The Beat 80s Special


?Fog - Supermarket, Robert The Record (Jayrem, 1986)
3 Leaning Men - Masculinity, Fun In The Key Of E (Meltdown, 1987)
3 Voices - Listen Don't Cry, 3 Voices (Unsung, 1983)
Aotearoa - Positive (Jayrem, 1983)
All Fall Down - Actified Blues, My Brand New Wallpaper Coat (Flying Nun, 1987)
Sandra Bell - Siesta, Blackbirds (Volcanic Productions, 1986)
Builders - Johnny Devlin's Shoes, Let's Play (South Indies, 1985)
Big Sideways - Conversations With A Machine, Big Sideways (Unsung, 1982)
Body Electric - Pulsing (Jayrem, 1982)
The Buckets Full - Burn The Flag (Bucket Records, 1984)
The Clear - Purple Blue and Yellow, The Clear (Ode, 1989)
Daggy & The Dickheads - Talk Turkey, Brothers (WEA, 1982)
Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace, Two Songs (Reaction, 1983)
Circus Block 4 - In Stone In Steel, In Stone In Steel ... (Jayrem, 1984)
Drone - Moonsong, Drone (DDR, 1989)
Free Radicals - Don't Ask, (i), (South Indies, 1987)
Freudian Slips - Don't Look Up, Are you Laughing? (Jayrem, 1985)
Gurlz - Ze Boyz, Gurlz (RTC, 1982)
Luke Hurley - Mona Lisa, Make Room (Jayrem, 1985)
Miltown Stowaways - Strong & True Pt 1, Strong ANd True (Unsing, 1983)
The Pterodactyls - Cockroaches, We've Done It Now (Meltdown, 1987)
The Remarkables - Our Neighbours, Waiting For A Wave (meldown, 1985)
The WASP Factory - Eric's Song, The WASp Factory (F-Star, 1986)
Spines - Punch, Punch (Ripper, 1982)
Mole Manne - In The Dark, Obituary (Jayrem, 1984)
Vague Secrets - Africa, Vague Secrets (Radar Records, 1985)
YFC - Son Of A Gun, Between Two Thieves, (Hit Singles, 1984)