Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 11 Sept 2021


Lorde - The Path, Solar Power (Universal)
Mmdelai - A Common Solve, EPII (Bleeding Gold Records)
Coco Solid - Grafitti Girls For Life. Grafitti Girls 4 Life (Self Released)
Indi - Woman, Precipice (Flying Nun)
Birds Of Passage - And All Of Your Dreams, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali)
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man, Live At KEXP (4AD)
Sonya Waters - Asylum, No Pain (Ripper Records)
Gurlz - What's The Cure, Gurlz (RTC)Leila Adu - Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker, Dark Joan (Frizz Records)
Hamerkop - Mourning Bells, Remote (Flying Nun)
Purple Pilgrims - Yes, Eternal Delight (No No Fun Records)
Little Bark - Arpreggiator, USB (Flying Out)
Estere -Rent, My Design On Other's Lives (Rough Peel Records)
Ladi 6 - Like Water, The Liberation Of ... (Eskapaden)
Benee - Find An Island, Fire On Marzz and Stella & Steve (Republic Records)
Kimbra - Goldmine, The Golden Echo (Warner Bros.)
Bic Runga - Life Will Get Better Some Day, Close Your Eyes (Wild Combination Recordings)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 4 Sept 2021

Supa - Melt, Enjoy/Water (Flying Out)
The Chance - Plane Over Thailand, The Chance (Unwucht)
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks, New Gold Mountain (Self Released)
Hamish Kilgour - H.K. Eleven Eight, All Of It And Nothing (Ba Da Bing)
The Veils - Axolotl, Total Depravity (Nettwerk)
Vanessa Worm - In Heaven We Are, Vanessa 77 (Optimo Music)
Cave Circles - Waves, Cave Circles (Wonderful Noise)
Trillion - Cinders On The Dancefloor, Fireworks (Monkey Records)
Upper Hutt Posse - Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou, Declaration Of Resistance (Kia Kaha Productions)
Ratso - Shut Your Face (Self Released)
Tigers Of The Sea - Four Fades, Cut And Run (Self Released)
Stungrenades - This Is How It Is, An Album Party (Bastard Son Records)
Centre Negative - Secretly He's A Racist, Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
Cakekitchen - Airships, Time Flowing backwards (Dais)
Sulfate - Speaking For Others, Sulfate (Prison Tapes)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Singles Special

Night Shades - The Desert (Beasto)
Na Noise - Open The Door (Holiday Records)
Rebel Truce - Licence To Kill, The Lost Tapes EP (Green Recordings)
Die Die Die - 450 (Records Etcetera)
Threat Meet Protocal - Witch Trials (Self Released)
Duncan Pipper - Love Overload (Massage)
Maxine Funke & P Wits - Every Kind Word, Forest Photographer (Chemical Imbalance)
The Trephines - Ray Columbus (South Indies)
Ray Columbus - Traveling Singing Man (Polydor)
The National Party - Close The Universities And Schools (Propellor)
Car Crash Set - Breakdown (Reaction)
Sundae Painters - Aversion (Leather Jacket Records)
Bordger - Kult Krusher, War Of Extinction (Limbless)
Distant Fear - A Reminder Of Death (Wrought Material)
Punisher - Living In A Private Hell (Razored Raw)
Dead C - Three Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Edition Aug 2021

Troy Kingi - Call My Name (School), Black Sea Golden Ladder (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)
Echo Children - Volcanoes, Toxic Happiness (Self Released)
Anthonie Tonnon - Leave Love Out Of This, Leave love Out Of This (Slowtime Records)
Maxine Funke - Lucky Penny, Seance (A Colourful Storm)
The Bend - School Policy On Stickmen, We Disappear (Armchair Records)
Mammal - Beware The Man (Red Rat Records)
Aoturoa - Brothers, Aoturoa (Holiday Records)
Lips - Heave Ho!, I Don't Know Why I Do Anything (Self Released)
Data Animal - Bad M.F. (Dedstrange)
Pickle Darling - Everything Is Flammable, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Every Loser Needs A Mother, Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby (Rice Is Nice)
Fuzzy Robes - Psalm 25, Night Prayers (Bullrush)
Ermehn - Bank Job (Sony BMG)


Counting The Beat July 2021

Louisa Nicklin - There Will Be Times, Louisa Nicklin (Not On Label)
Milk - Wifi User, III (Flying Nun)
Pickle Darling - Gently Crashes, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes)
Negative Nancies - Death By Association, Heatwave (Fishrider Records)
Swallow The Rat - Preservation Plan, StR/Clone Split (Not On Label)
Pull Down The Sun - Weta, Of Valleys And Mountains (Not On Label)
Fuzzy Robes - Approach Pt. 1 / Approach Pt.2 Invocation, Night Prayers (Bullrush)
Blam Blam Blam - There Is No Depression In New Zealand, Blam Blam Blam (Not On Label)
The Plague - Kiwi Keith, The Plague (Bullrush)
Jazmine Mary - The Dancer, Jazmine May (Arcade Recordings)
Sundae Painters - Aversion (Leather Jacket Records)
The Verlaines - Doomsday, Live At The Windsor Castle 1986 (Schoolkids Records)
The Bats - Made Up In Blue, One Night Only: Live At the Gluepot Friday 8th June 1990 (Pine Nut Records)
Sundae Painters - Thin Air (Leather Jacket Records)
Les Baxters - Theologically Speaking, Les Baxters (CocoMuse Records)
Southern Front - Mission Zero, Southern Front (Failsafe Records)
Dosage "B" - Suicide, Mr Big Nose (Meltdown Records)
Charcoal Burners - Tomorrow's Queen, The Scottish Play (Not On Label)
Opposite Sex - Shoot Me Like A Knife, High Drama (Spik & Span)
The Dead C - The Field, Unknowns (Ba Da Bing Records)
The Plague - Voodoo TV, The Plague (Bullrush)


Counting The Beat B-sides: Drone 3

Counting The Beat: Drone 3. Two hours of New Zealand music on vinyl. A drone special - new and recent New Zealand drone releases. All kiwi, all vinyl. First broadcast on Saturday 22 March 8-10pm on Waiheke Radio



White Saucer - Rio, Rio (Michael Lett Gallery, 2020)

Roy Montgomery - The Electric Children Of Hildegard Von Bingen (For Florian Fricke), Island of Lost Souls (Grapefruit, 2021)

Sad Freq - Side Two, Head[case] (Head[case], 2021)

The Futurians - Atuan Part One / Atuan Part Two, Atuan (I Dische Del Barone, 2020)

Little Skull - How We Used To Laugh (Horn Of Plenty <O, 2020)

Little Skull - 05, Lower Hope Reach (Horn Of Plenty <O. 2021)

Gate - Evening & Night, Wintersongs (8mm, 2021)

K-Group - Area, Series 4 (Knotwilg, 2020)


Counting The Beat April 2021



Wurld Series - Napgate, What's Growing (Melted Icecream)

Milk - Dopehead, Milk III (Flying Nun)

Marlin's Dreaming - Cabbage Tree, Quotidian (self released)

Merk - Laps Around The Sun, Infinite Youth (Humblebrag)

Opposite Sex - Owls Do Cry, High Drama (Spik & Span)

Negative Nancies - Banned, Heatwave (Fishrider)

Life In The Fridge Exists - Have You Checked The Children?, **** (Swineken Recordings)

The Bats - North By North, One Night Only Live At The Gluepot (Pinenut Records)

Fur Patrol - Andrew, Pet (self released)

Weta - Calling On, Geographica (Warners)

Voom - B Your Boy, Hello Are You There? (Flying Nun)

P.H.F. - I Want U 2, New Metal (Danger Collective Records)

Na Noise - Bad Dreams, Waiting For You (1:12 Records)

The Beths - What's The Matter With You, True Colurs New Colours (Warners)

Dick Move, Revue - Chop! (1:12 Records)

Miasmata - Highest Mountain Deepest Grave, Unlight: Stories of Earth and Atrophy (Naturmacht Productions)

Bridge Burrner - Abyssl, Disempath (Hibernation)

Poisoned Livers - How The Poor Feel Rich, How The Poor Feel Rich (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)

Little Skull - 01, Lower Home Reach (Horn O Plenty)

Gate - Night and Morning, Wintersongs (8mm)

Greymouth - Cut a Crooked Track/Little Barrier Cove landing/P-class, Cut A Crooked Track (I Dische Del barone)

Maxine Funke & P Wits - Forest Photgrapher/Every Kind Word (Chemical Imbalance)

Dead C - Three Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)


B-sides: Lockdown 4

Counting The Beat B-sides: Lockdown 4. An occasional series exploring obscurities, oddities and obsessions in my New Zealand vinyl collection. I've just spent the fourth lockdown working out of the sleepout where the less played records in the collection reside. I needed music that wasn't going to get in the way of my work too much. Luckily there's a turntable in there.



 Affsid Kidjhagiffy - Hawaiian Mightmare, The Way Out (Cosmic Compositions)

Shogun Orchestra - Cigars Of The Pharoah, Shogun Orchestra (Jakarta Records)

Christop El Truento - Moon Birds, What We Used To Know (Ongravity)

Carnivorous Plant Society - Misty Magic Land, Carnivorous Plant Society (self released)

Clear Path Ensemble - Panorama Actual Spectural, Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)

Groeni - The Pharmacist, Nihx (Project Mooncircle)

Wild Bill Ricketts - Five Speed, Later At Whitby's (Wonderful Noise)

Surly - Thirteen, Trip To Warsaw (Polish Juke)

Lapis - Alex, The Way Out (Cosmic Compositions)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB-02 (Jagjaguwar)

Mark de Clive-Lowe - O-Edo Nihonbashi, Heritage II (Ropeadope)

Christoph El Truento  - Hurry Home Stop Leaving, The Way Out (Cosmic Compositions)


Counting The Beat Feb 2021



Kraus - An Arrow In The Haunch, A Golden Brain (Ultra Eczma)

Seafog - White Is Not A Colour, Animal Lovers (Zelle Records)

Night Shades - The Desert (Beasto)

Rebel Truce - Licence To Kill, The Lost Tapes EP (Green Recordings)

Threat Meet Protocol - The Witch Trials (self released)

Robert Scott - Harmonic Deluxe, The Creeping Unknown (Unwucht)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hanoi 6, IC-01 Hanio (Jajaguwar)

We Will Ride Fast - More Dead Than Alive, Emotional Molecules (Fight Cave Or Hole Records)

Pumice - Gride, Table (Soft Abuse)

Wild Poppies - Out Of Mind, Heroine: The The Wild Poppies Complete Collection 1986-1989 (Manufactured Recordings/Pretty Olivia Records)

Bailter Space - Splat, Wammo (Flying Nun)

Double Happys - The Others Way (Flying Nun)

Coach - Don't Weep, Family Ties (self released)

Popstrangers - In Some Ways, Antipodes (Carpark Records)

Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun, Whale Rocket (Lil' Chief Records)

Terror Of The Deep - Get it Together, Death Of The Gideon (Selection)

Mice On Stilts - Tuatara Lawn, An Ocean Held Me (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)

Opposite Sex - La Rat, Opposie Sex (Fishrider Records)

Night Shades - Nerves (Beasto)

Die! Die! Die! - 450 (Records Trecetera)

Antagonist A.D. - Gates Of Hell / Pure Fear, Through Fire (Grayscale Records)

Bloody Hell - Weeds & Seeds (Spik & Span)


Counting The Beat 80s Special


?Fog - Supermarket, Robert The Record (Jayrem, 1986)
3 Leaning Men - Masculinity, Fun In The Key Of E (Meltdown, 1987)
3 Voices - Listen Don't Cry, 3 Voices (Unsung, 1983)
Aotearoa - Positive (Jayrem, 1983)
All Fall Down - Actified Blues, My Brand New Wallpaper Coat (Flying Nun, 1987)
Sandra Bell - Siesta, Blackbirds (Volcanic Productions, 1986)
Builders - Johnny Devlin's Shoes, Let's Play (South Indies, 1985)
Big Sideways - Conversations With A Machine, Big Sideways (Unsung, 1982)
Body Electric - Pulsing (Jayrem, 1982)
The Buckets Full - Burn The Flag (Bucket Records, 1984)
The Clear - Purple Blue and Yellow, The Clear (Ode, 1989)
Daggy & The Dickheads - Talk Turkey, Brothers (WEA, 1982)
Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace, Two Songs (Reaction, 1983)
Circus Block 4 - In Stone In Steel, In Stone In Steel ... (Jayrem, 1984)
Drone - Moonsong, Drone (DDR, 1989)
Free Radicals - Don't Ask, (i), (South Indies, 1987)
Freudian Slips - Don't Look Up, Are you Laughing? (Jayrem, 1985)
Gurlz - Ze Boyz, Gurlz (RTC, 1982)
Luke Hurley - Mona Lisa, Make Room (Jayrem, 1985)
Miltown Stowaways - Strong & True Pt 1, Strong ANd True (Unsing, 1983)
The Pterodactyls - Cockroaches, We've Done It Now (Meltdown, 1987)
The Remarkables - Our Neighbours, Waiting For A Wave (meldown, 1985)
The WASP Factory - Eric's Song, The WASp Factory (F-Star, 1986)
Spines - Punch, Punch (Ripper, 1982)
Mole Manne - In The Dark, Obituary (Jayrem, 1984)
Vague Secrets - Africa, Vague Secrets (Radar Records, 1985)
YFC - Son Of A Gun, Between Two Thieves, (Hit Singles, 1984)