Best of 2021

Vera Ellen - Telegram 2, It's Your Birthday (Flying Nun, 2021)
Milk - Maple, Milk III (Flying Nun, 2021)
Melanie - Bill's Riff, 42 Losers (Holiday Records, 2021)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Mother's Love, Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby (Rice Is Nice, 2021)
Pickle Darling - Achieve Lift!, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes, 2021)
Jazmine Mary - Move Me, The Licking Of A Tangerine (Arcade Recordings, 2021)
Alec Bathgate - Phantom Dots, Phantom Dots (Long Short Short, 2021)
Opposite Sex - Shoots Me Like A Knife, High Drama (Spik & Span, 2021)
Negative Nancies - Banned, Heat Wave (Fishrider, 2021)
Sulfate - There You Are!, Godzone (Flying Nun, 2021)
Ov Pain - Meaness In The Least Of Creatures, The Charming Blue Of Noon (It Records, 2021)
The Fuzzy Robes - Invocation Pt 2, Night Prayers (Bullrush, 2021)
Greg Malcom - Life On It's Way, Just Like Jim (Ilam Press 2021)
DAHTM - Kurungaituku, Kurungaituku (Not On Label, 2021)
Pull Down The Sun - Inoi, Of Valleys And Mountains (Not On Label, 2021)


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