Counting The Beat: 2023 Retrospective

T54 - Julie K, Drone Attacks (Ally Records, 2022)
Christoph El Truento - Bush Walk Dub, Peace Maker Dub (Haymaker Records, 2023)
Betterslow - Doubtful Sound Solutions, Brisa (Betterslow, 2023)
Das Phaedrus - Close Me Up, The Stars Are Real (Not On Label, 2023)
Overtime - Radaaz, Overtime (Not On Label, 2020)
Alpaca Brothers - Figment, Figment (Zelle, 2023)
Pitch Black - Flex, Ape To Angel (Dubmission Records, 2023)
Deceptikonz- Eleimination, Elimination (20 Year Anniversary) (Savage Ent/Dawnraid Entertainment, 2022)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Still Feel Broke, Trees (Years Gone By, 2023)
Cloudboy - Tebo, Down At The End Of The Garden (Flying Nun, 2023)
Lung - Dinosaur, Bad Acid Sountracks II (Yellow Bike Records, 2023)
Logan's Run - Hate Surrounds You, Logans Run (Shortfuse Records/ New Zealand Hardcore Past And Present, 2023)
Riot 111 - Move To Riot, 1981! (Leather jacket Records, 2023)
Playthings - Coloured, Playthings (Leather Jacket Records, 2023)
David Mitchell & Denise Roughan  - Grey Funnel Line (Xpressway, 1991)
K-Group - Occasional Garden, New Series 1 (Knotwilg Records, 2023)
Kleistwahr/P Wits - III, Poles Apart (No Label, 2023)
Sewage - Drawing The Cows Into a Neat Circle, Calling Them by Name, Sewage (CocoMuse Recordings, 2023)
Dead C - Outside, The White House (Ba Da Bing, 2023)