Counting The Beat: The Letter H

Hex - Page Of Pentacles, The Hill Temple (Sloth Records, 2018) 
Hallelujah Picassos - Marshall Law Dub (Pagan, 1991)
Hallelujah Picassos - Voices Of One (Picasso Corp, 2018)
Hamerkop - Polisher, Remote (Drag City, 2020)
Sam Hamilton - The Sovereignty Of Our Rebellious Love, Integrifolia (Tumbling Strain, 2013)
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man, Live At KEXP (4AD, 2017)
HDU - Abstinence (Flying Nun, 1995)
Heazlewood - Badge Or Medallion? (Flying Nun, 1995)
Herbs - French Letter (Dub Version) (Hawk Records, 1985)
Homebrew - Sunday, Last Week (MagicBag, 2010)
Hegz - Moodstone, Nevabeefaymuss (Not On Label, 2018)
Head Like A Hole, Creedence, Head Like A Hole / Seedy Jesszus (Battle Hymn Records, 2014)
House Of Capricorn - Our Shrouded King, Morning Star Rise, (Svart, 2014)
The Hasselhof Experiement - Shooting The Shit, The Hasselhof Experiement (Kato, 1998)
Heart Attack Alley - Slow Instrumental, The Way To A Man's Heart ... Is Through His Chest (Knife Sword Machete, 2011)
Hollow Grinders - Bradley's Dunny Crouch (Claudelands Beach Board Riders' Club, 2002)
Herriot Row - Learning Not To Talk (Arcade Recordings, 2016)
House of Nimrod - Ragged Patch, House of Nimrod (Action!, 2000)
Luke Hurley - Happy Isles, Happy Isles (Hurley Luke Records, 2019)
Herco Pilots - Essential Services, The Wonder Book Of Things To Do (REM Records, 1981)
Hollywoodfun Downstairs - Reactions, Reactions (Press Gang Records, 2015)
Ha The Unclear - (All Of Our Friends Have Move To) Australia, Invisible Lines (Woollen Records, 2018)
Human Resource - Scab Army, Human Resource (Arcade Recordings, 2017)
Heliogabalus - First Thought Worst Thought, Kingsland Waste / VAW (Difficult Fun, 2004)