Counting The Beat: Heavy


House Of Capricorn - The Road To Hell Is Marked, Morning Star Rise (Svart)
Bulletbelt - Thou Shall Not Suffer A Witch To Live, Nine Centuries (Headless Horseman)
Into Orbit - Horus, Kinesis (self released)
Pvnisher - Crusher, Pvnisher/Bowel Rupture split (Six Noises)
Methdrinker - Catalepsy, Oil (Throne Records)
Spook The Horses - Widening, Rainmaker (Honesty Is Appreciated)
Arc of Ascent - Through The Rays Of Infinity, The Higher Key (Clostridium)
Alien Weaponary - Ru Ana Te Whenua, Tu (Napalm)
Old Loaves - First, Bad Rides (Press Gang)
Shallow Grave - The Horrendous Abyss, Threshold Between Worlds (Sludgelord Records)
Mothra - Corridor, Decision Process (self released)
Triumphs - Ditch Witch, Computer Man (self released)
Tuscoma - Groma, Arkhitecturenominus (Antena Krzkyu)
Earth Tongue - Unseen Tormentor, Floating Being (Stolen Body)
Creeping - Death Knell Offering, Revenant (Iron Bonehead)
Open Tomb - Scraping Shit, Dead Weight (Dry Cough)