Radio Show: Counting The Beat Meets Waxed on Wednesdays 3

Tokyo Prose - Echoes Synchro Remix, Samurai Music / Red Seal
Willy Moon - Railroad Track, Third Man Records
Wilberforces - Psychik Shok, Etch Recordings
Heart Attack Alley - Death Don't Have No Mercy, Machete Knife Sword
Coolies - Madonna's The Bomb, Girl Alliance
Phelps and Munro - Horse Winning Withour Rider, Sieways EP, Different Drummers
Daniel Boobyer- Shake Your Dirty Chain (Time Killed The Clock), Tasman
Mood Unit - Games, Froth EP Vol. 01, Froth Recordings
Minisnap - Whistler, Cloudberry
Collapsing Cities - Tazers, Cheese On Toast
Ghost Club - Ghost Club Theme Song (Ghostclubbing), Hausmusik
King Cannons - Too Young (The Brightest Light), Capitoll
Street Chant - Frail Girls, Arch Hill Records
Don Kings - Turkey Neck, Kato Records
Cool Rainbows - Whale Rocket (Whale Rocket), Lil' Chief
Mr Hayday - Matakana Research Institute, Mole Music / Border Music
Cut Off Your Hands - Hollowed Out (Hollow), Frenchkiss Records
Ricketts Meets Fabulous - Ghost Hands (Ricketts Meets Fabulous at Maitland St), self released
Glory Fckn Sun - Spectra (Spectra), Tipped Bowler Tapes
The Datsuns - One Eye Open (Stuck Here For Days), Hellsquad
Jakob - Amasae (Erfo), Crawlspace
Lord Echo and His Melodies - Things I Like To Do, Bastard Jazz
Funkommunity - Pass It On (Chequered Thoughts), Melting Pot Music
Ladi 6 - Like Water (The Liberation Of . . .), Eskapden
Pikachunes - Nervous (Pikachunes), Lil' Chief
Coco Solid - Graffiti Girls (12"), self released
Tiny Ruins - Priest With Balloons (Some Were Meant For Sea), Own Records
Pumice - Pacific Ocean (Persevere), Soft Abuse
Opposom - Get Away Tonight (Electric Hawaii), Fire Records
Toy Love - Photographs of Naked ladies (Live At The Gluepot), Real Groove Records
Coach - Still Warm (Family Tree), Coach
Mantarays - Laguna (Mantarays), Velvet Tiger

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