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Some of the records featuring in my radio show on 18 June 2016


Counting The Beat 18 June 2016

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Surf City - Dickshakers Union, Surf City (Morr Music)
The Veils - Another Night On Earth, Time Stays We Go (Rough Trade)
Joe Blossom - The Breaking, All Of The Above (Cabbage Tree Records)
Eb & Sparrow - I Want You - Sun/Son (Deadbeat)
The Eastern - People Like Us, The Territory (Rough Peel)
The Conjurors - Let It Inside, Hints (1:12 Records)
Shocking Pinks - What’s Up With That Girl?, Guilt Mirror (Stars & Letters)
Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me, Yoncalla (Cascine)
Fields - Endless Journey, The EP (self released)
Shihad - Cheap As, FVEY (Warners)
Civil Union - Follow The Red Herring, Seasick Lovedrunk (Melted Icecream)
Roy Irwin - Metal Breath, S.O.D.A. (1:12 Records)
Jackal - I Cannot Go, Sparkle (self released)
Tiny Ruins - Dream Wave (Flying Nun)
Maxine Funke - Second Hand Store, Felt (Epic Sweep)
Sandra Bell - Manai, Dreams Of Falling (Turbulence)
The Terminals - Mr Clean - Touch (Raffmond)
Upper Hutt Posse - E Tu (Jayrem)
Triumphs - Solid Bones, Beekeeper/Bastardknocker (Monkey Killer Records)
Two Wolves - An Unaccounted Death, The Roar And Peal Of Distant Thunder (self released)
Pumice - Covered In Spiders, Puny (Soft Abuse)
Bonecruncher - Fuckin’ Evil, Bonecruncher/Rogernomix Split (Always Never Fun)
Vomit Storm - Beastman, Mudge Or Be Mudged (Always Never Fun)
Rogernomix - You’re The Past, Bonecruncher/Rogernomix Split (Always Never Fun)
Civil Union - We’ll Let It Lie, Seasick Lovedrunk (Melted Icecream)


Counting The Beat B-sides 003

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Greg Malcolm - Mob Job, Swimming In It (Kraak)
Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama - Between the Trees, Vinegar and Rum (Bo’weavil Recordings)
The Family Mallet - Ruatanian Hoe-Down, Bosch’s Bottom (Braille)
Alastair Galbraith, Jean Jacques Palix, David Watson - Pure Speculation (Last Station Radar)
Imbogodom - Heirlooms, And They Turned Not When They Went (Thrilljockey)
Don McGlashan & Ivan Zagni - First Day, Standards (Propeller)
Dudley Benson - Tui Ft. Vashti Bunyan, Deforestation (Golden Retriever Records)