Counting The Beat: Oh-K


Kraus - Fuji Spring, Faster Than The Speed Of Time (Dilettante Courtoisie/Bimbo Tower Records, 2010)
King Loser -Neurons, Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi (Turbulence Records, 1993)
KMTP - I Love My Friends, Sunreturn - See You On The Horizon (Sunreturn, 2022)
Koizilla - I Hate My Job, NightZilla (Trace/Untrace, 2022)
Kev And The Kiwi Fruit Band - Good On Yer Kiwi (CBS, 1983)
Chris Knox - The Face Of Fashion (Flying Nun, 1990)
Hamish Kilgour - H.K.Eleven Eight, All Of It And Nothing (Ba Da Bing, 2014) 
David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights - Autumn Sun, Left By Soft (12XU, 2012)
King Kaiju - Intoxica, 1:12 Party (1:12 Records, 2020)
King Ketchup - Doctor Hokota, 1:12 Party (1:12 Records, 2020)
Kimbra - Goldmine, The Golden Echo (Warner, 2014)
Andrew Keoghan - Stuck In Melodies, Every Orchid Offering (Fuschia Kick, 2016)
The Kiwi Animal - Mudslinging, Mercy (Digital Regress, 2019)
Kinisis - Boys Own, Off Our Shoulders Volume 2 (Unwucht, 2014)
Kahu - Mountaineater. Coalescence (Midium, 2005)
The Killjoys - I'm Normal, Class Of 81 (Propellor Records, 1981)
Knife Fight - God Damn (Kato Records, 2010)
Troy Kingi & The Upperclass - Psuedo Ego, Holy Colony Burning Acres (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records, 2020)
Stephen Kilroy - F*U*A*F*S, I Hear The Devil Calling Me (Drag City, 1991)
Kerretta - Bydd Y Cyllyll Yn Y Cwpwrdd Wrth Y BwRdd, Antient (Midium, Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society, 2008)
K-Group - Over-Future Shop (I Dischi Del Barone , 2019)
Kitten, He Taught Me To Yodel (Kontact, 1982)


Counting The Beat: J-Day

Jim Nothing - Yellow House, In The Marigolds (Melted Icecream, 2022)
Phil Judd - Dreamin' Away, Private Lives (Mushroom, 1983)
Peter Jefferies - Already Waiting/Whatever You Want, Clutter (Grapefruit Records, 2019)
Jess B - New Era, New Views (JessB, 2019)
Jet Jaguar - Taking A Little Liberty, Jet Jaguar EP (Capital Recordings, 2003)
The Jewl Of Bessamoocho - The Sheik Of Araby/Kool Knee Down, Digga Digga Digga (Girl Alliance, 1999)
Junkanoo - The Tragic Wedding Of Tarzan And Jane, Junkanoo / Dillinger's Brain (Onset/Offset Records, 1986)
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience - I like Rain, I Like Rain: The Story Of The Jean Paul Sartre Experience (Fire Records, 2015)
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Into You, I Like Rain: The Story Of The Jean Paul Sartre Experience (Fire Records, 2015)
Jim Nothing - Borrowed Time, In The Marigolds (Melted Icecream, 2022)
Jackal - I Cannot Go, Sparkle (Not On Label, 2015)
Jakob - Everything All The Time, Solace (Conspiracy, 2008)
Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie - Thief With The Silver, At Swim 2 Birds (Flying Nun, 2016)
Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville - Lies, Scrum (Feeding Tube Records, 2016)