Counting The Beat: Nuclear Free

Phil Bowering - Wolves Of Power (Flamewave Music, 1982)
Shona Laing - Neutral and Nuclear Free (Pagan, 1987)
Herbs - Nuclear Waste (Wasted Dance Mix) (Hawk Records, 1985)
Gerry Otimi and The Inventors School - Kia Kaha David Lange (Ever Be Strong) (Noit On Label, 1985)
Rick Harris - No Nukes (Ode, 1985)
Topp Twins - Radiation, Twinset and Pearls (Mushroom, 1984)
Compos Mentis - The Mighty Bomb, From Behind The Wall (Sound Mind Records, 1986)
Imbogodom - Nuclear Wind, And They Turned Not When They Went (Thrill Jockey, 2012)
Herbs - French Letter (Dub Version) (Hawk Records, 1985)
Phil Bowering - Mutants (As a Result of Nuclear Fallout) (Flamewave, 1982)
Nazgul - Nuclear Baby Mutants, Good Demons (Out of Order Records, 1987)
Nazgul - Be No More, Good Demons (Out Of Order, 1987)
Ken Ring - That Crazy Bomb, Send The Boats Away:Songs For Peace (Cityfolk Record Company, 1986)
From Scratch - Pacific 3,2,1,Zero (Part 1) (Flying Nun, 1985)
Dead C - Suffer Bomb Damage, Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze, 2012)