Counting The Beat 19 Nov 2016

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Gianmarco Liguori - Beat Instrumental (Sarang Bang Records)
Electric Wire Hustle - Brother Sun  (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignan Version) (Ramrock Blue)
Raskolnikovs - Lonely River, At The Hour Of Sunset (self released)
Head Like A Hole - Creedence (Battle Hymn Records)
Avotor - Wait And See (self released)
Features - City Scenes, Features (Flying Nun)
Pin Group- Ambivalence, Ambivalence (Flying Nun)
Dadamah - Violet Stains Red, Violet Stains Red (Yelloe Records)
Dissolve - Strand,  That That Is ... Is (Not) (Kranky)
Roy Montgomery - You Can’t Always Get What You Deserve, Tropic Of Anodyne (Grapefruit)
Roy Montgomery - Six Guitar Salute to Peter Gutteridge, Darkmotif Dancehall (Grapefruit)
The Bats - In The Subway, Free All The Monsters (Flying Nun)
The Renderers - Great Ships, Dream Of The Sea (Tinsel Ears)
Dance Athsmatics - PG, Lifetime Of Secretion (Melted Icecream)
The Trendees - Horror Watching Youth Watching, Abandoned Hospital (Epic Sweep)
Lamp Of The Universe - Space Craft, Hidden Knowledge (Clostridium)
FIS - Root Collars, From Patterns To Details (Subtext)
Douglas Lilburn - Dance Sequence For Expo 70, New Zealand Electronic Music (Kiwi)
Dudley Benson - Tui, Deforestation (Golden Retriever Records)
Beastwars - Call To The Mountain, The Death Of All Things (Destroy)