Counting The Beat June 2019


Soaked Oats - Don’t Chew, Sludge Pop (Dot Dash)
Hamish Kilgour - Open/Top Off, Franklestein (BaDaBing)
Aldous Harding - Designer, Designer (Flying Nun)
Hallelujah Picassos - Cracked Salvation, Voices of Exuberant Hellhounds (1:12 Records)
Junkanoo - Disgust Is The Most Appropriate Response, Junkanoo/Dillinger’s Brain (Onset/Offset)
The Primates - Bob Guccione, Tales of Mr Conductor (Onset/Offset)
The Brothers Gorgonzolas - You Are (Onset/Offset)
Beastwars - The Traveller, IV (Destroy)
Kerretta - The Guardsman, Exiscens (Golden Antenna)
The Terrorways - Leave Off, Short Haired Rock’n’Roll (Not On Label)
The Terrorways - Borstal Breakout, Short Haired Rock’n’Roll (Not On Label)
The Beths - Lyin’ In The Sun, Warm Blood (Carpark Records)
Contenders - Teenage Crybaby (Not On Label)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Anniversary, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Rice Is Nice)
Roy Montgomery - After Vermeer (Okraina)
Bruce Russell/Luke Wood - Via Suez, Visceral Realists (Ilam Press Records)
Bulletbelt -Thous Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live, Nine Centuries (Headless Horseman)
Piggery - Back to Soil, Piggery (Six Noises)
Punisher - Private Hell (Six Noises)
Long Distance Runner - The Outcast, Escape Plan (Not On Label)
Total Ruin - Chaos In Command (Limbless)
Ritchie Venus - Demetria (Selection Records)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I Just Came To Pray, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Rice Is Nice)