Counting The Beat radio show 16 June 2018


Death & The Maiden - River Underground, Wisteria (Fishrider)
Astro Children - Nora Flood (self released)
Psyrok - Omega Point Blank (self released)
Headless Chickens - The Slice, Headless Chickens (Flying Nun)
Fuxa & Neil Mackay - Progress M34 MIR Docking Accident 1997, Apollo Soyuz (Fuxa Music)
Knobz - Culture (Bunk)
Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous, Superorganism (Domino)
Boom Boom Deluxe! - Burger And A Beer, Boom Boom Deluxe! (Bear Family)
The Rip - Entropic Carol, Stormed Port (Flying Nun)
The Max Block - Sonic Blur, The Max Block (Flying Nun)
Nocturnal Projections - Could It be Increased?, Complete Studio Recordings (Dais)
Triumphs - Tomb Of Christopher Columbus, Computer Man (self released)
Great Unwashed - Obscurity Blues, Clean Out Of Our Minds (Flying Nun)
Dystopia - Living For Summer, Rough Art Of The Spiritual (Monkey Records)
Mali Mali - Rememberances, Azimuth (self released)
Body Electric - Dreaming In A Life, Dreaming In A Life (Jayrem)
Roy Irwin - Demon Cave, S.O.D.A. (1:12 Records)
Penknife Glides - Taking The Weight Off (WEA)
Otis Mace & The Psychic Pet Healers - Horror Show Blues, Little Critters (Ode)
Darren Watson - Too Many Millionaires, Too Many Millionaires (Beluga)
Tami Neilson - Bananas, Sassafrass! (Southbound)
Alien Weaponary - Raupatu, Tu (Napalm)
First XV - Boots, First Fifteen (World Ashtray Records)
Tha Feelstyle - Su’amalie/Mad At You (Festival Mushroom)
New Telepathics - Sirius B, New Telepathics (Our Rekords)
Zolo And The Bantoms - Deep, Crisp And Even (self released)
Kraus - Horses Dream, Kraus & Negative Centre (Spik & Span)


Counting The Beat B-sides: Sonic Y-ata

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Afternoon Saints - Experiment At Faun Backlash, The Shirley Jangle (Kraak, 2009)
Body/Gate/Head - One For Anne Bonnard, Glare Luring Yo (Feeding Tube Records, 2012)
Glacial - On Jones Beach Pt. 2, "On Jones Beach", (Three Lobed Recordings, 2012)
Our Love Will Destroy The World - Sadnessfinalmen (Krayon, 2009)
Pit Viper - Wheku, Fit For Kings - A Compilation of Peripheral New Zealand Music Series II (Crawlspace Records, 2000)