Counting The Beat 2020 Review



Ingrid and the Ministers - Pepper n Sand, Kill The Sights (self released)

Mali Mali - Harlequin Bay Rushes, I Was Told To Keep An Eye Out (Home Alone)

Hamerkopf - Polisher, Remote (Drag City/Flying Nun)

Ballare - Dancing, Kiwi Animals: Future/Primitive (Strangelove)

Straitjacket Fits - Sparkle That Shines, Hail (Flying Nun)

Subliminals - Speed of Sound, United State (Flying Nun)

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Please Daddy, Please Daddy (Rice Is Nice)

Reb Fountain - When Gods Lie, Reb Fountain (Flying Nun)

Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls, "Harry" (Fire Records)

Repairs - Drones, Repeat Repeat (self released)

Dick Move - Slut Wife, Chop! (1:12 Records)

Swallow The Rat - Leaving Room, Leaving Room (Shifting Sounds)

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Streaming Consciousness, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)

Covid Colab - The Phone Call, Covid Colab (Wellington Museum)

Purple Pilgrims feat. Joshua Kennedy - Ground Piece, It's Already Tomorrow (self released)

Ingrid and the Minsters - When It Happens, Kill The Sights (self released)

Cakekitchen - Just To Be Your Superhero, Trouble Again In This Town (Ally Records)

The Verlaines - None Of These Chords, Dunedin Spleen (School Kids Records)

Ingrid and the Ministers - Bits n Pieces, Kill The Sights (self released)

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Truth Is In The Shadow Of The Doubt, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)

Gianmarco Liguori - Ancient Flight Text, Duga-3+ (Sarang Bang Records)

3000 A.D. - Born Under A Black Sun, The Void (Total Metal Records)

Ulcerate - Inversion, Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Noel Meek & Bruce Russell - A New Place In Hell (For The NRA), Say No to Hate (Ikuisuus)


Counting The Beat Dec 2020



The Bats - Field Of Vision, Foothills (Flying Nun)

Emily Edrosa - Drinking During The Day, Another Wave Is Coming (Park The Van)

Emily Edrosa - The Corner Of The Party, EP (Fluff)

Verlaines - None Of These Chords, Dunedin Spleen (School Kids Records)

Charcoal Burners - Ghost Of The Castle, The Scottish Play (self released)

Subliminals - Uh-Oh, United State (Flying Nun)

Superturtle - Dress The Same, Wait For it (Sarang Bang)

Marlins Dreaming - Cabbage Tree, "Quotidian" (self released)

Sojourn - Still A Mess, Holiday Records 7 Inch Competition Compilation (Holiday Records)

Glass Vaults - Oils And Perfume, Holiday Records 7 Inch Competition Compilation (Holiday Records)

Threat Meet Protocol - Why (self released)

Die! Die! Die! - I Seek Misery (self released)

Na Noise - Then Who, Waiting For You (1:12 Records)

Stephen - Spins You Round, Radar Of Small Dogs (Joyful Noise Recordings)

The Chills - Background Affair, Soft Bomb (Fire Records)

Verlaines - Dunedin Spleen, Dunedin Spleen (School Kids Records)

Dick Move - Femoids Attack, Chop! (1:12 Records)

Antagonist A.D. - Gates of Hell/Pure Fear, Through Fire (Greyscale Records)

Rebel Truce - Licence To Kill, The Lost Tapes EP (Green Recordings)

Emily Edrosa - A New Career, Another Wave Is Coming (Park The Van)

3000 A.D. - The Network, The Void (Total Metal Records)

Bulletbelt - Deathgasm, Deathgasm (Death Waltz)

8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa, Deathgasm (Death Waltz)

Greymouth - Little Barrier Cove Landing, Cut A Crooked Track (Il Dischi Del Barone)

The Dead C - The Field, Unknowns (Ba Da Bing Records)

Dead C - Two Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)


Counting The Beat Oct 2020



Na Noise - Dance With Me (Holiday Records)

Soda Boyz - May 6th, Farewell Spit (Papaiti Records)

Covid Colab - Glass Mountain, Covid Colab (Holiday Records)

Vanessa Worm - Bones and Blood, Vanessa 77 (Optio Music)

Mousey - The Innocent Girl In The Blue Dress, Lemon Law (self released)

Superturtle - Hanging At The Mall, Wait For It (Sarangbang)

Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls, “Harry” (Fire Records)

Dead Famous People - Goddess Of Chill, “Harry” (Fire Records)

Matthew Bannister - Run For Your Life, Rubber Solo (Powertool Records)

Reb Fountain - The Last Word, Reb Fountain (Flying Nun)

Luke Hurley - Ting Tong, Happy Isles (self released)

Ingrid & The Ministers - Bits ‘n’ Pieces, Kill The Sights (self released)

Repairs - Nimrod, Repeat Repeat (self released)

Wax Chattels - Forever Marred, Clot (Flying Nun)

Threat Meet Protocol - Why (self released)

Aoturoa - Lullaby For Ila, Autoroa (self released)

Gianmarco Liguori - Bronze Frog, Duga 3+ (Sarangbang)

Pitchblack - Reptile Room, Electronomicon (self released)

Stungrenades - Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart Attack, An Album Party (self released)

Pumpkinhead - Nark, Sloth 25th Anniversary Edition (self released)

Spook The Horses - Inheritance, Empty Body (Pelagic Records)

Unruly - Bleach Jesus, Unruly (Sludgelord)

Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still, Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Sinistrous Diablous - The Essence Of Divinity Given To Abstractions Of The Human Mind, Total Doom Desecration (Internecion)


Counting The Beat August 2020


Cindy - Goodbye, 1:12 Party (1:12 Records)
Na Noise - Good Morning Heart, 1:12 Party (1:12 Records)
Daffodils - We Only Laugh When It Hurts, Boys (self released)
Ingrid & The Ministers - When It Happens, Kill The Sights (self released)
The Beths - Don't Go Away, Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark Records)
Oksun Ox - The Twin Terrors Of Tweendom Cometh, I Don't Care I Already I Told You (Round Bale)
Olumpus - Feelings Are Temporary, Caucus (Stabbies Etc)
Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Truth Is In The Shadow Of A Doubt, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)
Split Enz - Matinee Idyll, Mental Notes (Demon Music)
Split Enz - Nice to Know, Dizrhymtia (Demon Music)
Roy Irwin - Better Than Ever, King Of Pop (1:12 Records)
Vincent H.L. - Golden Sun, 1:12 Party (1:12 Records)
Reb Fountain - Don't You Know Who I Am, Reb Fountain (Flying Nun)
Vanessa Worm - Heaven To Hell, Vanessa 77 (Optimo Music)
Midnight Raiders Meets Naram Rhythm Section - Dread In America, Midnight Raiders Meets Naram Rhythm Section (Red Robin Records) 
Connan & The Mockasins - Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend (Regal)
Collapsing Cities - Tazers, split 7" (Cheese On Toast)
Popstrangers - Painted Colours, split 7" (Cheese On Toast)
Planet of The Dead - Walk The Earth, Fear of A Dead Planet (self released)
Bleeders - Darkness Falls, Delusions (ElevenFiftySeven)
Ingrid & The Ministers - Pepper 'n' Sand, Kill The Sights (self released)
Cakekitchen - The Trains Are On Time, Trouble Again In This Town (Ally records)
Alastair Galbraith - Pull My Daisy, Seconds Mark iii (A Colourful Storm)
Alastair Galbraith - Putty, Seconds Mark iii (A Colourful Storm)
Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Manu Messengers, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)


Counting The Beat: Heavy


House Of Capricorn - The Road To Hell Is Marked, Morning Star Rise (Svart)
Bulletbelt - Thou Shall Not Suffer A Witch To Live, Nine Centuries (Headless Horseman)
Into Orbit - Horus, Kinesis (self released)
Pvnisher - Crusher, Pvnisher/Bowel Rupture split (Six Noises)
Methdrinker - Catalepsy, Oil (Throne Records)
Spook The Horses - Widening, Rainmaker (Honesty Is Appreciated)
Arc of Ascent - Through The Rays Of Infinity, The Higher Key (Clostridium)
Alien Weaponary - Ru Ana Te Whenua, Tu (Napalm)
Old Loaves - First, Bad Rides (Press Gang)
Shallow Grave - The Horrendous Abyss, Threshold Between Worlds (Sludgelord Records)
Mothra - Corridor, Decision Process (self released)
Triumphs - Ditch Witch, Computer Man (self released)
Tuscoma - Groma, Arkhitecturenominus (Antena Krzkyu)
Earth Tongue - Unseen Tormentor, Floating Being (Stolen Body)
Creeping - Death Knell Offering, Revenant (Iron Bonehead)
Open Tomb - Scraping Shit, Dead Weight (Dry Cough)


Counting The Beat 20 June 2020


P.H.F. - Glue, Anthology (Danger Collective Records)
Daffoldils - Boys, Boys (self released)
Cakekitchen - The Trains Are On Time?, Trouble In This Town (Ally Records)
Maxine Funke & P. Wits - Every Kind Word (Chemical Imbalance)
Norma O’Malley - Some Tame Gazelle, Kiwi Animals (Strangelove)
Medal - Bright Shining Lie, Replica (self released)
So So Modern - Vulture Kisses (Transgresive)
So So Modern - Fire Fights (Transgressive)
Hamerkop - We Can Win, Remote (Flying Nun)
Little Bushman - Pendulum, Pendulum (self released)
Trephines - Ray Columbus (South Indies)
Ray Columbus - Travelling Singing Man (Polydor)
Steve Abel - Best Thing, Luck Hope (self released)
Reb Fountain - Round The Bend (Flying Nun)
Clear Path Ensemble - Tall Shorty, Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By, Live At The Powerstation (Years Gone By/RNZ)
Upper Hutt Posse - Stormy Weather Projector Mix (Southside)
Swallow The Rat - Echoes Of A Tide, Leaving Room (Shifting Sounds)
Blood Bagz - Takin’ Note, Split LP (Big Neck)
Seafog - White Is Not A Colour, Animal Lovers (Zelle Records)
Olumpus - My Feelings Are Temporary, Caucus (self released)
Raw Materialists - Endless Struggle Parts 1 & 2, Concrete Cast #4 - Progress to Regress (self released)
Cakekitchen - Trouble Again In This Town, Trouble Again  In This Town (Ally Records)


Counting The Beat: Out Of Lockdown


Marginal Era - This Heaven (Instrumental Mix), Reaction
Ponsonby DC’s - G’day Mate, The Ponsonby DC’s (Strange Weekend)
Front Lawn - How You Doing, Songs From The Front Lawn (Virgin)
Die! Die! Die! - Whitehorses, Promises Promises (self released)
Surf City - Free The City, Surf City (Morr)
Swallow The Rat - Bird Of Ill, Leaving Room (Shifting Sounds)
Lost Rockets - Down Low, Lost Rockets (self released)
Body Corporate - Blue Star Line, Howlaround (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Frayden - Ghost Crash, Ghost Crash (Fight, Cave or Hole)
Swallow The Rat - Leaving Room, Leaving Room (Shifting Sounds)
Mali Mali - Nice But No Soul, As A Dog Dreams (self released)
Mali Mali - Harlequin Bay Rushes, I Was Told To Keep An Eye Out (Home Alone)
Sperb3r - Double Tracked, Think On Your Feet (Rosier Records)
Bloody Hell - Weeds & Seeds, Bloody Hell (Spik & Span)
Bloody Hell - Sex Dot Com, Bloody Hell (Spik & Span)
Rogernomix - Grotty Politics, Punch A Nazi In The Face (Always Never Fun)
Rogernomix - Competing Freedoms Punch A Nazi In The Face (Always Never Fun)
Rogernomix - Toxic Exposure, Punch A Nazi In The Face (Always Never Fun)
Bored Games - Bridesmaid, Who Killed Colonel Mustard (Flying Nun)
DoubleHappys - Needles & Plastic, Cut It Out (Flying Nun)
Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies - Randolph’s Going Home (Flying Nun)
Straitjacket Fits - APS, Melt (Flying Nun)
Dimmer - Seed, I Believe You Are A Star (Columbia)
Shayne P Carter - We Will Rise Again, Offsider (Flying Nun)
Die! Die! Die! - Break The Mirror, O (self released)
Mark DeClive Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take The Space Trane, Part One (Mashibeats)
The Never Quartet - 1.001.006 (I Dische Del Barone)


Counting The Beat B-sides; In a Dub Stylee


Psyrok - Space Blues, Omega Point Blank (Not On Label, 2018)
Lord Echo - Rhythm '77, Melodies (Wonderful Noise, 2012)
International Observer - Barone, Seen EP (Different Drummer, 2002)
Nomad feat. Mad Professor - Check The Pitch, Destinations (Fresh Produce, 2004)
Unitone HiFi - Unitone HiFi (Bonus Dub), Wickedness Increased (Not On Label, 2018)
LQ & Headland - Fat Neck (ZamZam Sounds, 2018)
Nemesis Dub Systems - Young Boys Tale, Nemesis Dub Systems (Wildside, 1991)
Hallelujah Picassos - Marhsall Law Dub (Pagan, 1991)
Herbs - French Letter (Dub Mix), Nuclear Waste 7" (Warrior, 1985)
Pitch Black - Urbanoia (Small Town Mix), Electric Earth EP (Syncline, 2002)
Salmonella Dub - Jerky Dub, Salomonella Dub 25 Years Anniversary Vinyl Boxset (Not On Label, 2018)
Dub Connection - Original Quality, Dub Connection EP (Capital Recordings, 2003)
Dub Asylum - Ba Ba Boom (Loopy Fruiy Recordings, 2009)
Phase 5 - Roll The Bones, Space Bar EP (Different Drummer, 2001)
Rhombus - Babylon Retreat (Dub Mix) (Rhombus Productions, 2008)
Sola Rosa - Easy/Uneasy, The Ready Now EP (Festival Mushroom Records, 2003)
Blacklisted - U.B.Dub, Kaikoura Roots Festival (Kaikoura Rootys Festival, 2004)


Counting The Beat B-sides: CD Special


AKDK - Airport, Reistance Is Futile (Earwig)
The Winchesters - Down In Huntly, The Winchesters (self released)
Laughin' Gas - Ting Tung, No 2 Are The Same (self released)
The Moth - Shock and Awe, Music From a Lightbulb (Birthday Music)
Operation Rolling Thunder - Track 1, White Light (self released)
Jakob - Controle, Live & Direct Vol.1 (bFM)
Cassette - Marty Squire, Live & Direct Vol.1 (bFM)
Hot Swiss Mistress - Hail To The Fourtune, Hot Swiss Mistress (Stink Magnetic)
Foto - Hi Score, Test Pattern EP (self released)
Lesley Speaker - Sucked Out, Radio One Music Sampler #5 (Radio One)
Thrush - Window-Dressing For The Nouveau Riche, Long Live Our Chains (Psuedemigre)
Spazmatron - Fear Junkie, Low Tech Bent (self released)
Sud - We Do Not Know, Everything's Distorted (Wet Records)
Age Of Dog - Brainwash, Age Of Dog (Earwig)
Alpha Plan - Personality & Earning Potential, City Of Bastards (Earwig)
Broken Heartbreakers - Angels Are Callin' On High, Live Demo Sessions (Wine Cellar)
Jamie Stone - Everyday We Pay, Kaleidoscope World Series 5 (Powertool Records)
Labretta Sude & The Motel 6 - True Love, Loon-A-Tiki (Charlie Horse Records)
Phony Bone - Penny, Phony Bone (self released)
Verlaines - Yangtze Cod & Chips (self released)
Conduits Of Konsumption - Black Trash, Cok Sucker Blues (Gestalt Information Communications Source Network)
Tape - Revealed Limited Edition, Safety Copy Clone (self released?)
Pirongia Mountain Music Company - NZ Anthem, Ain't That The Truth (Pirongia Mountain Music Company)


Counting The Beat March 2020


Joe Ghatt - Farewell, Banana Sludge (Third Eye Stimuli)
Luke Hurley - Happy Isles, Happy Isles (self released)
Benee - Find An Island, Stella & Steve/Fire On Marzz (Republic Records)
Miss June - Twitch, Bad Luck Party (Frenchkiss)
Guardian Singles - Tea Lights Exploding, Guardian Singles (Moral Support)
Bozo - Swim Down, The Echo Ohs/Bozo Split EP (Waistdeep Records)
Tami Neilson - Queenie Queenie, Chicka Boom (Neilson Records)
Tami Neilson - You Were Mine, Chicka Boom (Neilson Records)
Subliminals - Indian, A Flip & Two Twisters (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Jackal - Out Like A Light, Castle In The Air (self released)
Jackal - At The First Turn, Castle In The Air (self released)
Aporia - Moon Taxi, Hotel Aporia (Cosmic Compositions)
Nadia Reid - High & Lonely, Out Of My Province (Slow Time Records)
Reb Fountain - When Gods Lie (Flying Nun)
Bloody Hell - The Consultation (Spik & Span)
The Bleeders - All That Glitters , Delusions (Eleven Fifty Seven)
God Bows To Math - Oil Of Vitriol, Brighter Futures (Muzai)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I Only Came To Pray, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Sinderlyn)
Split Enz - Nobody Takes Me Seriously, True Colours (Mushroom)
Tall Dwarfs - Phil’s Disease Day One, Slugbuckethairybreathmonster 9Flying Nun)
The Gordons - Adults & Children, Future Shock (Flying Nun)
Body Corporate - I Can Animate, Howlaround (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Delaney Davidson & Bruce Russell - Crown Electric King, One Hand Loose (Ilam Press)
Dadamah - Too Hot To Dry, This Is Not A Dream (Grapefruit)


Counting The Beat Feb 2020


Fat Freddy’s Drop - Special Edition, Special Edition Pt. 1 (The Drop)
Suburban Reptiles - Megaton, AK79 (Flying Nun)
Die! Die! Die!  -Sideways Here We Come, Promises Promises (self released)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Nothing Sticks, Please Daddy (Sinderlyn)
David White - The Lexaloffe, Henry Green & The Island Of Tuliarts (Monkey Records)
Kiwi Animal - Dust, Mercy (Digital Regress)
One Man Bannister - Norwegian Wood, Rubber Solo (Powertool)
Shoutin’ Preachin’ - New Low Humans, New Low Humans EP (Sound Recordings)
Wild Bill Ricketts - Don Dicaprio, Wild Bill Ricketts (Wonderful Noise)
Si Si Es - Ode To Holger Czuzay, Spaced EP (Hypnotic Rhythms)
Straitjacket Fits - Hand In Mine, Melt (Flying Nun)
Straitjacket Fits - Fabulous Things, Hail (Flying Nun)
The Orange - What’s In A Name, Fruit Salad Lives (Flying Nun)
Whiskey & The Wench - Binary, Whiskey & The Wench (self released)
Silly Drunken Bastards - Guns Are Bad, Fingers In The Air (self released)
Nervous Jerk - Strong Man, 1994 (self released)
The Coolies - Yr’ So 1960s, South Auckland Girls In The Garage (Joyful Noise)
The Coolies - Madonna’s The Bomb , South Auckland Girls In The Garage (Joyful Noise)
Entlang - Walkin’ Into Bars, The Four Sisters (Rose Hobart)
Emily Edrosa - Corner Of The Party, Emily Edrosa EP (Fluff)
Lontalius - Make My Dreams Come True, All I Have (PBWH)
Scott Mannion - Your Kinda Love, Loving Echoes (Lil’ Chief)
The Golden Awesome - Ruby, Autumn (M’Lady’s)
Sacred Product - Thirsty River, $ A Ride (Quemada Records)
Psychic Powers - Wellington (Geographic North)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I’m Not Allowed In Heaven, Please Daddy (Sinderlyn)


Counting The Beat Jan 2020


Marlon Williams - Vampire Again (Dead Oceans)
Street Chant - Frail Girls (Arch Hill)
Salad Boys - My Devotion, Scarce Tracks (Chunklet Industries)
Chug - Flowers (Flying Nun)
3Ds - Baby’s On Fire (Flying Nun)
The Phoenix Foundation - I Want More (Jealous Butcher Records)
Shihad - Gates of Steel (#9iR)
Avotor - Wait & See (self released)
The New Existentialists Mysteries of The Worm- (Spacecase Records)
Shifting Sands - Zoe (Fishrider)
Minisnap - Whistler (Cloudberry)
Spacious - Vector 27 (Flying Nun)
Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet (Lil’ Chief Records)
Misfit Mod - Sugar C (Stars & Letters)
Superunknown - Something For You M.I.N.D. (Domino)
The Greyhounds - The One I Love Is Gone What Are The ySaying About Me? (Lyttelton Records)
The Bats - North By North, Live on WFMU (Merge)
Tall Dwarfs - The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Live Gluepot (Forced Exposure)
The Body Lyre - Work, Bloodwork (self released)
Mountaineater - Mata (Monkey Killer Records_
Sports - Redstars (Etch Recordings)
Heazlewood - Badge Or Medallion (Flying Nun)
Connie Benson - Dragster (Loral)
Shocking Pinks - April/May (DFA)
The Mint Chicks - F**k The Golden Youth (Flying Nun)
TK421 - UFO (self released)
Las Tetas - You’re Not Invited (1:12 Records)
?Fog - Fat Man With A Big Dork (?Fog Enterprises)
Sommerset - Coming Home, Special Limited Edition Tour 7” (Swell Records)
Weeds - Wheatfields (Flying Nun)


B-sides: NZ Funk, Soul and R'n'B

B-sides is an occasional series where I explore obsessions, obscurities and oddities from my New Zealand vinyl collection. This is a short selection of early seventies NZ funk and soul tracks. All kiwi, all vinyl.


Mary & The Maoris - C'mon Train, Mary & The Maoris (Not On Label)
New Zealand Tradin Company, The Prisoner, New Zealand Trading Company (Memphis)
Howard Morrison - I Ain't Never Seen A White Man, 20 Golden Rata Hits (Music For Leisure)
Tui - E Hine Hoki Mai, The Entertainer (Ode)
Max Merrit & The Meteors - You Touch Me, Max Merrit & The Meteors (RCA)
New Zealand Trading Company - Rua Moko, New Zealand Trading Company (Memphis)