Counting The Beat Oct 2020



Na Noise - Dance With Me (Holiday Records)

Soda Boyz - May 6th, Farewell Spit (Papaiti Records)

Covid Colab - Glass Mountain, Covid Colab (Holiday Records)

Vanessa Worm - Bones and Blood, Vanessa 77 (Optio Music)

Mousey - The Innocent Girl In The Blue Dress, Lemon Law (self released)

Superturtle - Hanging At The Mall, Wait For It (Sarangbang)

Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls, “Harry” (Fire Records)

Dead Famous People - Goddess Of Chill, “Harry” (Fire Records)

Matthew Bannister - Run For Your Life, Rubber Solo (Powertool Records)

Reb Fountain - The Last Word, Reb Fountain (Flying Nun)

Luke Hurley - Ting Tong, Happy Isles (self released)

Ingrid & The Ministers - Bits ‘n’ Pieces, Kill The Sights (self released)

Repairs - Nimrod, Repeat Repeat (self released)

Wax Chattels - Forever Marred, Clot (Flying Nun)

Threat Meet Protocol - Why (self released)

Aoturoa - Lullaby For Ila, Autoroa (self released)

Gianmarco Liguori - Bronze Frog, Duga 3+ (Sarangbang)

Pitchblack - Reptile Room, Electronomicon (self released)

Stungrenades - Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart Attack, An Album Party (self released)

Pumpkinhead - Nark, Sloth 25th Anniversary Edition (self released)

Spook The Horses - Inheritance, Empty Body (Pelagic Records)

Unruly - Bleach Jesus, Unruly (Sludgelord)

Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still, Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Sinistrous Diablous - The Essence Of Divinity Given To Abstractions Of The Human Mind, Total Doom Desecration (Internecion)


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