Counting The Beat April 2021



Wurld Series - Napgate, What's Growing (Melted Icecream)

Milk - Dopehead, Milk III (Flying Nun)

Marlin's Dreaming - Cabbage Tree, Quotidian (self released)

Merk - Laps Around The Sun, Infinite Youth (Humblebrag)

Opposite Sex - Owls Do Cry, High Drama (Spik & Span)

Negative Nancies - Banned, Heatwave (Fishrider)

Life In The Fridge Exists - Have You Checked The Children?, **** (Swineken Recordings)

The Bats - North By North, One Night Only Live At The Gluepot (Pinenut Records)

Fur Patrol - Andrew, Pet (self released)

Weta - Calling On, Geographica (Warners)

Voom - B Your Boy, Hello Are You There? (Flying Nun)

P.H.F. - I Want U 2, New Metal (Danger Collective Records)

Na Noise - Bad Dreams, Waiting For You (1:12 Records)

The Beths - What's The Matter With You, True Colurs New Colours (Warners)

Dick Move, Revue - Chop! (1:12 Records)

Miasmata - Highest Mountain Deepest Grave, Unlight: Stories of Earth and Atrophy (Naturmacht Productions)

Bridge Burrner - Abyssl, Disempath (Hibernation)

Poisoned Livers - How The Poor Feel Rich, How The Poor Feel Rich (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)

Little Skull - 01, Lower Home Reach (Horn O Plenty)

Gate - Night and Morning, Wintersongs (8mm)

Greymouth - Cut a Crooked Track/Little Barrier Cove landing/P-class, Cut A Crooked Track (I Dische Del barone)

Maxine Funke & P Wits - Forest Photgrapher/Every Kind Word (Chemical Imbalance)

Dead C - Three Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)