Counting The Beat: Long Time Coming

David Long - Wash Your Mouth Out, Ash And Bone (Rattle Records, 2022)
The Front Lawn - How You Doing, Songs From the Front Lawn (Front Lawn Records, 1989)
Six Volts - Whatever The Weather, The Hills Are Alive (Braille Records, 1989)
Don McGlashan - Girl Make Your Own Mind Up, Lucky Stars (Not On Label, 2021)
The Tin Syndrome - The Right Wing's Going To Pieces (A Nursery Rhyme), No Ordinary Sickness (Jayrem, 1985)
Jungle Suite - Hyena, A Walk Of Snipe (Braille Records, 1986)
Rabbitlock - I Read Of Your Engagement (Doof Thwack, A Blow To Me), The Backbone (Braille Records, 1986)
Fur Patrol - Andrew, Pet (Not On Label, 2020)
Trinity Roots - Egos, True (Rough Peel Records, 2018)
David Long - Ash And Bone, Ash And Bone (Rattle Records, 2022)