B-sides 008 video


Counting The Beat B-sides 008

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Ray Woolf and the World Cup Squad - Heading For the Top (Festival)
Golden Harvest - I Need Your Love (Impact)
John Norton - Great Barrier islae (Kiwi)
Corben Simpson - Running To The Sea (Harvest)
Unknown - Oak Stands For Everything Good For You (Oak)
Rod Derret - The Kiwi Train (Zodiac)
Simon Morris - Riding High (Viking)
People For Parks - Parks For People (EMI)
Dawn Garmson - New Zealands a Country Hall of Fame (Music World)
Wellington Junior Choir - The Ballad of Captain Cook (Kiwi)
Rod Derrett - 6 O'clock Swill (HMV)
Choir Of St Mary's Cathedral Auckland - The New Zealand Weather Forecast (Kiwi)
Marilyn Waring - Working Class Hero (Ripper)
Brian Hands Orchestra - Morepork (Viking Sevenseas)


Record Store Day Special 2017

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Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl, Morningside (Flying Out)
The Chills - Rocket Science (Fire Records)
Features - Victim, Features (Flying Nun)
Human Instinct - Burning Up Years, Burning Up Years (Sunbeam)
Look Blue Go Purple - As Does The Sun, Still Bewitched (Flying Nun)
Orange - Seahorse, The Complete Recordings (Saint Marie Records)
Motte - Give It To Me, Strange Dreams (CocoMuseReleases)
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Hope For A Generation (The Drop)
Vague Secrets - Africa, Vague Secrets (Radar Records)
Pahjib - Infinite Pulse A, Fit For Kings (Crawlspace Records)
Cave Circles - Azmoni, My Heart Is A Beating Drum (Rough Peel)
Ghost Town - Male It To The Other Side, Sky Is Falling (Ghost Records)
Lydia Cole - Telepathise, Lay Of The Land (self released)
Street Chant - The Good Room, Hauora (Flying Nun)
Head Like A hole - Fish Across Face, 13 (Battle Hymn Records)
The Pin Group - Ambivalence, Ambivalence (Flying Nun)
The Vivid Militia - Let’s Go To Australia, Class Of 81 (Propellor Records)
Vietnam - Victory, Vietnam (BFE Records)
Bic Runga - Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes (Wild Combinations)
The Chills - Lost In Space, Rocket Science (Fire Records)
Fred Dagg - We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are, Fred Dagg’s Greatest Hits (E.M.I.)


Braille Records video


Braille Records Podcast

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Primitive Art Group -  I Was Wrong, Five Step Drop Down (braille)
The Black Sheep - Bg Sheep Baada, The Black Sheep (Braille)
Primitive Art Group - Truck Driving man, Futre Jaw-Clap (Braille)
Jungle Suite - Two Bass Tango, A Walk Of Snipe (Braille)
Four Volts - Magpie, Something's Burning (Braille)
The Family Mallet - Ruatanian Hoe-Down, Bosch's Bottom (Braille)
Rabbitlock - I Read Of Your Engagement, The Backbone (Braille)
David Watson - The Key To A Code
Six Volts - Black Dog, The Hills Are Alive (Braille)
Six Volts - Crying Shame, Stretch (Braille / Festival)


Dunedin Part 2

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Gaylene - Dunedin, Solid Cold Hits (Pagan Records)
Eye - Tension Cue, The Other Sky (Ba Da Bing)
David Mitchell & Denise Roughan - Grey Funnel Line, Making Losers Happy (Xpressway)
Nadia Reid - The Arrow And The Aim, Preservation (Basin Rock)
Elan Vital - Shadow Self, Shadow Self (Fishrider)
Govermint - Strobe, Pipe Drm (self released)
Seafog - Clean UFOs, Raise Your Skinny Fists (Zelle)
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - Autumn Sun, Left By Soft (12XU)
Cloudboy - Pet (Flying Nun)
Triumphs - Holographic Peak, Beekeeper/Bastardknocker (Monkey Killer)
Gravemind - City Lows, Gravemind (self released)
Straitjacket Fits - Bad Note For A Heart, Melt (Flying Nun)
Sandra Bell - Industial Night, Dreams Of Falling (Turbulence)
The Orange - What’s In A Name, Fruit Salad Lives (Flying Nun)
Snapper - I Don’t Know, Shotgun Blossom (Avalanche)
The Dead C - Helen Said This, Eusa Kills/Helen Said This (Ba Da Bing)
Nigel Bunn - Goodbye God Baby Goodbye, Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence)
John White - Farewell Song, Henry Green And The Island Of Tuliarts (Monkey)
David Eggleton & Gobstopper - I’m Back, Solid Cold Hits (Pagan)
The Chills - Rolling Moon, Kaleidoscope World (Flying Nun)
The Great Unwashed - Neck Of The Woods, Singles (Flying Nun)
George Henderson & Alastair Galbraith - Macquarie Island, Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence)
Maxine Funke - Second Hand Store, Felt (Epic Sweep)
Futurians - The Coming Of The Quantam Cats, Chaos Manner (Last Visible Dog)
The Renderers - I Hear The Devil Calling, I Hear The Devil Calling (Drag City)
The 3Ds - Animal, Strange News From The Angels (Flying Nun)


Counting The Beat 18 Feb 2017

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The Bats - Walking Man, The Deep Set (Flying Nun)
The Eversons - Baby You’re A Jerk, Stuck in New Zealand (Lil’ Chief)
Centre Negative - Secretly He’s A Racist, Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
Christoph El Truento - Gibbon Saw (RJCs Break Away Effort) (NutRiot)
Headless Chickens - Expecting To Fly (Flying Nun)
Jesse Sheehan - Last Man Standing, Drink With The Birds (self released)
This Kind Of Punishment- Reaching An End (Superior Viaduct)
Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube, The Afterglow (Lil’ Chief)
No Class - Right To Work, Boot Boys (self released)
Tigers Of The Sea - Won’t Look My Way, Cut And Run (self released)
Ashes Holland - Don’t Quit, This Way Out (Cosmic Compositions)
Mr Amish - Keep On Moving, This Way Up (Cosmic Compositions)
The Nudge - The Balance Change, Dark Arts (self released)
Will Wood - Haggerston, Magpie Brain And Other Stories (Lyttelton Records)
Streets Of Laredo - 99.9%, Wild (Dine Alone Records)
Into Orbit - Set Adrift, Caverns (self released)
Spines - Lions, Act Your Age (Jayrem)
Six Volts - Black Dog, The Hills Are Alive (Braille)
Cake Kitchen - World Of Sand, World Of Sand (Dais)
Pumice - Beak Remedy, Quo (Tipped Bowler)
The All Seeing Hand - Lizard Brain, Sand To Glass (Muzai)
Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole, Patriotic Grooves (Always Never Fun)
Andrew Thomas  - Flying Towards You (Jewelled Out), Hushhh (Kompakt)