Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 11 Sept 2021


Lorde - The Path, Solar Power (Universal)
Mmdelai - A Common Solve, EPII (Bleeding Gold Records)
Coco Solid - Grafitti Girls For Life. Grafitti Girls 4 Life (Self Released)
Indi - Woman, Precipice (Flying Nun)
Birds Of Passage - And All Of Your Dreams, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali)
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man, Live At KEXP (4AD)
Sonya Waters - Asylum, No Pain (Ripper Records)
Gurlz - What's The Cure, Gurlz (RTC)Leila Adu - Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker, Dark Joan (Frizz Records)
Hamerkop - Mourning Bells, Remote (Flying Nun)
Purple Pilgrims - Yes, Eternal Delight (No No Fun Records)
Little Bark - Arpreggiator, USB (Flying Out)
Estere -Rent, My Design On Other's Lives (Rough Peel Records)
Ladi 6 - Like Water, The Liberation Of ... (Eskapaden)
Benee - Find An Island, Fire On Marzz and Stella & Steve (Republic Records)
Kimbra - Goldmine, The Golden Echo (Warner Bros.)
Bic Runga - Life Will Get Better Some Day, Close Your Eyes (Wild Combination Recordings)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 4 Sept 2021

Supa - Melt, Enjoy/Water (Flying Out)
The Chance - Plane Over Thailand, The Chance (Unwucht)
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks, New Gold Mountain (Self Released)
Hamish Kilgour - H.K. Eleven Eight, All Of It And Nothing (Ba Da Bing)
The Veils - Axolotl, Total Depravity (Nettwerk)
Vanessa Worm - In Heaven We Are, Vanessa 77 (Optimo Music)
Cave Circles - Waves, Cave Circles (Wonderful Noise)
Trillion - Cinders On The Dancefloor, Fireworks (Monkey Records)
Upper Hutt Posse - Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou, Declaration Of Resistance (Kia Kaha Productions)
Ratso - Shut Your Face (Self Released)
Tigers Of The Sea - Four Fades, Cut And Run (Self Released)
Stungrenades - This Is How It Is, An Album Party (Bastard Son Records)
Centre Negative - Secretly He's A Racist, Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
Cakekitchen - Airships, Time Flowing backwards (Dais)
Sulfate - Speaking For Others, Sulfate (Prison Tapes)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Singles Special

Night Shades - The Desert (Beasto)
Na Noise - Open The Door (Holiday Records)
Rebel Truce - Licence To Kill, The Lost Tapes EP (Green Recordings)
Die Die Die - 450 (Records Etcetera)
Threat Meet Protocal - Witch Trials (Self Released)
Duncan Pipper - Love Overload (Massage)
Maxine Funke & P Wits - Every Kind Word, Forest Photographer (Chemical Imbalance)
The Trephines - Ray Columbus (South Indies)
Ray Columbus - Traveling Singing Man (Polydor)
The National Party - Close The Universities And Schools (Propellor)
Car Crash Set - Breakdown (Reaction)
Sundae Painters - Aversion (Leather Jacket Records)
Bordger - Kult Krusher, War Of Extinction (Limbless)
Distant Fear - A Reminder Of Death (Wrought Material)
Punisher - Living In A Private Hell (Razored Raw)
Dead C - Three Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)


Counting The Beat Lockdown Edition Aug 2021

Troy Kingi - Call My Name (School), Black Sea Golden Ladder (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)
Echo Children - Volcanoes, Toxic Happiness (Self Released)
Anthonie Tonnon - Leave Love Out Of This, Leave love Out Of This (Slowtime Records)
Maxine Funke - Lucky Penny, Seance (A Colourful Storm)
The Bend - School Policy On Stickmen, We Disappear (Armchair Records)
Mammal - Beware The Man (Red Rat Records)
Aoturoa - Brothers, Aoturoa (Holiday Records)
Lips - Heave Ho!, I Don't Know Why I Do Anything (Self Released)
Data Animal - Bad M.F. (Dedstrange)
Pickle Darling - Everything Is Flammable, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Every Loser Needs A Mother, Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby (Rice Is Nice)
Fuzzy Robes - Psalm 25, Night Prayers (Bullrush)
Ermehn - Bank Job (Sony BMG)


Counting The Beat July 2021

Louisa Nicklin - There Will Be Times, Louisa Nicklin (Not On Label)
Milk - Wifi User, III (Flying Nun)
Pickle Darling - Gently Crashes, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes)
Negative Nancies - Death By Association, Heatwave (Fishrider Records)
Swallow The Rat - Preservation Plan, StR/Clone Split (Not On Label)
Pull Down The Sun - Weta, Of Valleys And Mountains (Not On Label)
Fuzzy Robes - Approach Pt. 1 / Approach Pt.2 Invocation, Night Prayers (Bullrush)
Blam Blam Blam - There Is No Depression In New Zealand, Blam Blam Blam (Not On Label)
The Plague - Kiwi Keith, The Plague (Bullrush)
Jazmine Mary - The Dancer, Jazmine May (Arcade Recordings)
Sundae Painters - Aversion (Leather Jacket Records)
The Verlaines - Doomsday, Live At The Windsor Castle 1986 (Schoolkids Records)
The Bats - Made Up In Blue, One Night Only: Live At the Gluepot Friday 8th June 1990 (Pine Nut Records)
Sundae Painters - Thin Air (Leather Jacket Records)
Les Baxters - Theologically Speaking, Les Baxters (CocoMuse Records)
Southern Front - Mission Zero, Southern Front (Failsafe Records)
Dosage "B" - Suicide, Mr Big Nose (Meltdown Records)
Charcoal Burners - Tomorrow's Queen, The Scottish Play (Not On Label)
Opposite Sex - Shoot Me Like A Knife, High Drama (Spik & Span)
The Dead C - The Field, Unknowns (Ba Da Bing Records)
The Plague - Voodoo TV, The Plague (Bullrush)


Counting The Beat B-sides: Drone 3

Counting The Beat: Drone 3. Two hours of New Zealand music on vinyl. A drone special - new and recent New Zealand drone releases. All kiwi, all vinyl. First broadcast on Saturday 22 March 8-10pm on Waiheke Radio



White Saucer - Rio, Rio (Michael Lett Gallery, 2020)

Roy Montgomery - The Electric Children Of Hildegard Von Bingen (For Florian Fricke), Island of Lost Souls (Grapefruit, 2021)

Sad Freq - Side Two, Head[case] (Head[case], 2021)

The Futurians - Atuan Part One / Atuan Part Two, Atuan (I Dische Del Barone, 2020)

Little Skull - How We Used To Laugh (Horn Of Plenty <O, 2020)

Little Skull - 05, Lower Hope Reach (Horn Of Plenty <O. 2021)

Gate - Evening & Night, Wintersongs (8mm, 2021)

K-Group - Area, Series 4 (Knotwilg, 2020)


Counting The Beat April 2021



Wurld Series - Napgate, What's Growing (Melted Icecream)

Milk - Dopehead, Milk III (Flying Nun)

Marlin's Dreaming - Cabbage Tree, Quotidian (self released)

Merk - Laps Around The Sun, Infinite Youth (Humblebrag)

Opposite Sex - Owls Do Cry, High Drama (Spik & Span)

Negative Nancies - Banned, Heatwave (Fishrider)

Life In The Fridge Exists - Have You Checked The Children?, **** (Swineken Recordings)

The Bats - North By North, One Night Only Live At The Gluepot (Pinenut Records)

Fur Patrol - Andrew, Pet (self released)

Weta - Calling On, Geographica (Warners)

Voom - B Your Boy, Hello Are You There? (Flying Nun)

P.H.F. - I Want U 2, New Metal (Danger Collective Records)

Na Noise - Bad Dreams, Waiting For You (1:12 Records)

The Beths - What's The Matter With You, True Colurs New Colours (Warners)

Dick Move, Revue - Chop! (1:12 Records)

Miasmata - Highest Mountain Deepest Grave, Unlight: Stories of Earth and Atrophy (Naturmacht Productions)

Bridge Burrner - Abyssl, Disempath (Hibernation)

Poisoned Livers - How The Poor Feel Rich, How The Poor Feel Rich (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)

Little Skull - 01, Lower Home Reach (Horn O Plenty)

Gate - Night and Morning, Wintersongs (8mm)

Greymouth - Cut a Crooked Track/Little Barrier Cove landing/P-class, Cut A Crooked Track (I Dische Del barone)

Maxine Funke & P Wits - Forest Photgrapher/Every Kind Word (Chemical Imbalance)

Dead C - Three Songs, All Goodbyes (Language Recordings)