B-sides: Steve Robinson from Tamburlaine

An interview with Waiheke musician Steve Robinson, APRA Silver Scroll winner, award-winning record producer, jingle writer and member of '70s folk rock band Tamburlaine.

Download: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/CTBsidesSteveRobinson.mp3

Tamburlaine - Lady Wakes Up
Tamburlaine - Blood Red Roses
Richard Parangi - Rail Freight
Briscoes - You'll Never Buy Better
Steve Robinson - The Zoo
Sharon O'Neill - Words
Jon Stevens - Jezebel
Kev & The Kiwi Fruit band - Good On Yer Kiwi
Tamburlaine- Rebirth


B-sides: Chris Orange from the Terrorways

Download: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/CTBsidesTerrorways.mp3

An interview with Chris Orange from New Zealand punk band The Terrorways on the occasion of their recent shows and release of an album Short haired Rock And Roll. The interview was first broadcast on Waiheke Radio's Island Life show on Sat 6 July 2019

Photo credit: Chris Zwaagdyk @ ZED Pics


Counting The Beat June 2019

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Soaked Oats - Don’t Chew, Sludge Pop (Dot Dash)
Hamish Kilgour - Open/Top Off, Franklestein (BaDaBing)
Aldous Harding - Designer, Designer (Flying Nun)
Hallelujah Picassos - Cracked Salvation, Voices of Exuberant Hellhounds (1:12 Records)
Junkanoo - Disgust Is The Most Appropriate Response, Junkanoo/Dillinger’s Brain (Onset/Offset)
The Primates - Bob Guccione, Tales of Mr Conductor (Onset/Offset)
The Brothers Gorgonzolas - You Are (Onset/Offset)
Beastwars - The Traveller, IV (Destroy)
Kerretta - The Guardsman, Exiscens (Golden Antenna)
The Terrorways - Leave Off, Short Haired Rock’n’Roll (Not On Label)
The Terrorways - Borstal Breakout, Short Haired Rock’n’Roll (Not On Label)
The Beths - Lyin’ In The Sun, Warm Blood (Carpark Records)
Contenders - Teenage Crybaby (Not On Label)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Anniversary, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Rice Is Nice)
Roy Montgomery - After Vermeer (Okraina)
Bruce Russell/Luke Wood - Via Suez, Visceral Realists (Ilam Press Records)
Bulletbelt -Thous Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live, Nine Centuries (Headless Horseman)
Piggery - Back to Soil, Piggery (Six Noises)
Punisher - Private Hell (Six Noises)
Long Distance Runner - The Outcast, Escape Plan (Not On Label)
Total Ruin - Chaos In Command (Limbless)
Ritchie Venus - Demetria (Selection Records)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I Just Came To Pray, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Rice Is Nice)


Kiwi Vinyl Video #67


Counting The Beat Lines Of Flight Special

Download: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/CTB-Lines-Of-Flight-2019.mp3

Gate - Howl (Anarchofreaksproduction)
Armpit - Down The trail Of Aching Hearts (Il Dische Del Barone)
Futurians - Programmed, Programmed (Planam)
L$D Fundraiser - 101N1E
Motte - New Wanders, Strange Dreams
Ov Pain - See Me Glow, Ov Pain
A J Sharma - Forces, Tabla Diablo
Negative Nancies - Candy Milk, You Do You
L$D Fundraiser - 101N1E
Francisca Griffin - Stardust, The Spaces Between
Seafog - Sanctuary, Animal Lovers (Zelle)
Maxine Funke - Time To Return, Home-Fi (Feeding Tube Records)
Eye - Black Lightning, Other Sky (Ba Da Bing)
A Handful Of Dust - Sefer Yetsirah: The Book Of Creation, Dragging Her Wings Of Rusty Knives (Thin Wrist Recordings)
Roy Montgomery - Nor'Wester Head-on, Scenes From The South Island (Drunken Fish)
Michael Morley- A Termination Of Baleful Sunsets, Heavens Idleenes Awaits (Thin Wrist Recordings)


Counting The Beat April 2019

Download: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/CTB200419.mp3

Hazbeats - 55 to Shoreditch, E5 EP (Low Key Source)
Mint Chicks- I Can’t Stop Being Foolish, Screens (Warners)
Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs - Is There Logic In Pop? (Epic Sweep)
Lawrence Arabia - A Little Hate, Singles Club (Honorary Bedouin Records)
Francisca Griffin - One Eye Open, The Spaces Between (CoCoMuse)
Troy Kingi - Golden Taurus, Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygotron (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)
Brendan & Alison Turner - Lady Luck, Ghost Of A Friend (HTY)
Delaney Davidson & Barry Saunders - Track 3, Word Gets Around (Rough Diamond Records)
Finn Andrews - Body Of Light (Nettwerk)
Mermaidens - You Maintain The Stain (Flying Nun)
Swallow The Rat - New Cross, Echoes of A Tide (Headbump Records)
Seafog - Feelings, Animal Lovers (Zelle)
Maxine Funke - Time To Return, Home-Fi (Feeding Tube Records)
Marlin’s Dreaming - Mellow, Talk On ComMic (Safe)
Raiden Freeman - Mosese, The Interlude, New Zealand Comedy (Prison Tapes)
Ounce - Desert, Oz (1:12 Records)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Home, Avantdale Bowling Club (Young Gifted & Broke)
Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore, Live (Caroline)
Delaney Davidson & Bruce Russell - Crown Electric King, One Hand Loose ( Ilam Press)
Headless Chickens - Donde Esta La Pollo Kentucky Freud Chicken Remix, Body Blow (Flying Nun)
Superturtle - Hit The Floor, Student Flat Reunion (Sarang Bang Records)
Arc Of Ascent - Serpents 25, Arc of Ascent/Zone 6 Split (Head Spin Records)
40 Watt Banana - Maharashna, Peeled (Pharaway Sounds)


Counting The Beat ABC

Download: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/CTB160319.mp3

3Ds - Sing Song, Swarthy Songs For Swabs (Flying Nun)
25 Cents - The Witch (Flying Nun)
Androids - Auckland Tonight (Velvet Tigers)
Alpaca Brothers - The Lie, Legless (Flying Nun)
Bailter Space - Splat, Wammo (Matador)
The Beths - Future Me Hates Me, Future Me Hates Me (Flying Nun)
Darcy Clay - Jolene, Jesus I Was Evil (Grim Tale)
Cyclops - Simpleton (Feel Good All Over)
Dead C - Bitcher, The Whitehouse (Siltbreeze)
Doublehappys - Needles And Plastic, Cut It Out (Flying Nun)
David Eggleton - Bingo, Wrap Up (Partisan)
Exploding Budgies - Sunflower, The Grotesque Singers (Flying Nun)
Fatal Jelly Space - Miseriah, Hole (Flying Nun)
Features - City Scenes, Perfect (Propellor)
Gordons - Adults 7 Children, Future Shock (Flying Nun)
GhostClub - Cool Air, Ghostclubbing (Hausmusik)
Humphreys & Keen - Eyes Of A Blue Dog, The Overflow (Sweet Pea Records)
Herco Pilots - Essential Services, It’s Bigger Than Both Us (Propellor
Instigators - Hope She’s Alright, It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (Propellor)
Idiot Prayer - Black Black Eyes, Falconer (Monkey Killer Records)
Jakob - Amasae, Erfo (Crawlspace)
The Johnnies - Who Killed Johnny (JohnArchy Records)
King Loser - Troubled Land (Flying Nun)
David Kilgour - Diamond Mine, Left By Soft (12XU)
Low Profile - Elephunkin’, Elephunkin’ (Flamewave)
Look Blue Go Purple - Hiawatha, LBGPEP2 (Flying Nun)