Counting The Beat: Drone & Noise

Gate - Mountains, The Numbers (Birdman, 2023)
Roy Montgomery - Occlusione, Audiotherapy (Grapefruit, 2022)
The Dead C - Breakdown/World, The White House (Ba Da Bing!, 2023)
Greymouth - Eyesore License, Parked Up (Sophomore Lounge, 2023)
A Handful Of Dust - Fighting In The Captain's Tower, The Drum Is The Shaman's Horse (Feeding Tube Records, 2023)
Greymouth - Pippies n Cockles, Parked Up (Sophomore Lounge, 2023)
Nova Scotia - Threading, Old Light (Horn of Plenty <O, 2022)
Stefan Neville and Greg Malcolm - Elizabeth Kelly's Delight, Don't Drown (Okraina, 2023)
Surface Of The Earth - Causer Gird, Surface Of The Earth (Black Editions/ Thin Wrist Recordinings, 2022)
The Dead C - There Is Something To Be Gained, Tusk (Ba Da Bing, 2023)
Kleistwahr / P Wits - II, Poles Apart (No Label, 2023)
Peter Wright - Let's Hide Under The House Until They've Gone, Let's Hide Under The House Until They've Gone (Basses Frequencies, 2011)


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