Peter Gutteridge Special 20 Sept 2014

The Clean - Point That Thing Dub, Odditties (Five-Four-0)
Snapper - Hang On, Snapper (Flying Nun)
Bailterspace - I'm In Love With These Times, Nelsh Bailter Space (Flying Nun)
The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else, Anthology (Merge)
Snapper - Dark Sensations, Shotgun Blossom (Avalanche Records)
The Great Unwashed - Can't Find Water, Singles (Flying Nun)
Peter Gutteridge - Lonely, Pure (540 Records)
Alpaca Brothers - Wilderness, Legless (Flying Nun)
Fanatics - Buddy, The Fanatics (Capital Records)
Snapper - Eyes That Shine, Shotgun Blossom (Avalanche Records)
Snapper - Death and Weirdness In the Surfing Zone, Snapper (Flying Nun)
Peter Gutteridge - Pure (Nr. 1), Pure (540 Records)
The Great Unwashed - Born In The Wrong Time, Singles (Flying Nun)
Snapper - Dry Spot, "Alive" (Crawlspace Records)