Counting The Beat Radio Show 15 Aug 2015

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New Gum Sarn - Anxiety Nap, New Gold Mountain (Spunk)
Phoenix Foundation - Give Up your Dreams, Give Up Your Dreams (Memphis Industries)
Dear Times Waste - Blue & Gold, The End Of Puppies (A Low Hum)
Tiny Lies - Bag Of Bones, The Oaks They Will Bow (Lyttelton Records)
Streets Of Laredo - Dear Leron, Vol I & II (Dine Alone Records)
Carb On Carb - Phenomenal Ladies, Carb On Carb (Black Wire Records)
Wilberforces - Paradise Beach, Paradise Beach (Muzai)
The Mockers - Murder In Manners St, The First Five Years (RCA)
The Fourmyula - Otaki (HMV)
Scalper - Illusory Atmosphere, The Emperor's Clothes (Jarring Effects)
Groeni - The Oaks, Hewn (Project Mooncircle/Fines Ego)
God Bows to Math - High Strings, Brighter Futures (Muzai)
Proton Beast - Loading, Digitizer (Muzai)
Straitjacket Fits - Grate, A Flip And Two Twisters (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Death & The Maiden - Dear _____, Death & The Maiden (Fishrider)
Princess Chelsea - All The Stars, The Great Cybernetic Depression (Flying Nun)
Pumice - Greenock, Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
Phoenix Foundation - Sunbed, Give Up Your Dreams (Memphis Industries)
P.H.F.- Cry-On, Grind ST8 (Pyramid Power)
Street Chant - Less Chat More Sewing, Means (Arch Hill)
Gurlz - Out Of Bounds, Gurlz (RTC)
NRA - Glitch, Mud Babies (Flying Nun)
Loud Ghost - Another Lie, Loud Ghost (Our Records)
Transistors - Your Life Could Be So Easy, Is This Anything? (Arch Hill)
Old Loaves - First, Bad Rides (Press Gang)
Shihad - Think You're So Free, FVEY (Warners)
New Gum Sarn - New Gold Mountain, New Gold Mountain (Spunk)