Counting The Beat 2020 Review



Ingrid and the Ministers - Pepper n Sand, Kill The Sights (self released)

Mali Mali - Harlequin Bay Rushes, I Was Told To Keep An Eye Out (Home Alone)

Hamerkopf - Polisher, Remote (Drag City/Flying Nun)

Ballare - Dancing, Kiwi Animals: Future/Primitive (Strangelove)

Straitjacket Fits - Sparkle That Shines, Hail (Flying Nun)

Subliminals - Speed of Sound, United State (Flying Nun)

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Please Daddy, Please Daddy (Rice Is Nice)

Reb Fountain - When Gods Lie, Reb Fountain (Flying Nun)

Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls, "Harry" (Fire Records)

Repairs - Drones, Repeat Repeat (self released)

Dick Move - Slut Wife, Chop! (1:12 Records)

Swallow The Rat - Leaving Room, Leaving Room (Shifting Sounds)

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Streaming Consciousness, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)

Covid Colab - The Phone Call, Covid Colab (Wellington Museum)

Purple Pilgrims feat. Joshua Kennedy - Ground Piece, It's Already Tomorrow (self released)

Ingrid and the Minsters - When It Happens, Kill The Sights (self released)

Cakekitchen - Just To Be Your Superhero, Trouble Again In This Town (Ally Records)

The Verlaines - None Of These Chords, Dunedin Spleen (School Kids Records)

Ingrid and the Ministers - Bits n Pieces, Kill The Sights (self released)

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Truth Is In The Shadow Of The Doubt, Keep Your Distance (Noa Records)

Gianmarco Liguori - Ancient Flight Text, Duga-3+ (Sarang Bang Records)

3000 A.D. - Born Under A Black Sun, The Void (Total Metal Records)

Ulcerate - Inversion, Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Noel Meek & Bruce Russell - A New Place In Hell (For The NRA), Say No to Hate (Ikuisuus)


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