Counting The Beat March 2020


Joe Ghatt - Farewell, Banana Sludge (Third Eye Stimuli)
Luke Hurley - Happy Isles, Happy Isles (self released)
Benee - Find An Island, Stella & Steve/Fire On Marzz (Republic Records)
Miss June - Twitch, Bad Luck Party (Frenchkiss)
Guardian Singles - Tea Lights Exploding, Guardian Singles (Moral Support)
Bozo - Swim Down, The Echo Ohs/Bozo Split EP (Waistdeep Records)
Tami Neilson - Queenie Queenie, Chicka Boom (Neilson Records)
Tami Neilson - You Were Mine, Chicka Boom (Neilson Records)
Subliminals - Indian, A Flip & Two Twisters (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Jackal - Out Like A Light, Castle In The Air (self released)
Jackal - At The First Turn, Castle In The Air (self released)
Aporia - Moon Taxi, Hotel Aporia (Cosmic Compositions)
Nadia Reid - High & Lonely, Out Of My Province (Slow Time Records)
Reb Fountain - When Gods Lie (Flying Nun)
Bloody Hell - The Consultation (Spik & Span)
The Bleeders - All That Glitters , Delusions (Eleven Fifty Seven)
God Bows To Math - Oil Of Vitriol, Brighter Futures (Muzai)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I Only Came To Pray, The Queen Who Stole The Sky (Sinderlyn)
Split Enz - Nobody Takes Me Seriously, True Colours (Mushroom)
Tall Dwarfs - Phil’s Disease Day One, Slugbuckethairybreathmonster 9Flying Nun)
The Gordons - Adults & Children, Future Shock (Flying Nun)
Body Corporate - I Can Animate, Howlaround (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Delaney Davidson & Bruce Russell - Crown Electric King, One Hand Loose (Ilam Press)
Dadamah - Too Hot To Dry, This Is Not A Dream (Grapefruit)


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