Counting The Beat B-sides: CD Special


AKDK - Airport, Reistance Is Futile (Earwig)
The Winchesters - Down In Huntly, The Winchesters (self released)
Laughin' Gas - Ting Tung, No 2 Are The Same (self released)
The Moth - Shock and Awe, Music From a Lightbulb (Birthday Music)
Operation Rolling Thunder - Track 1, White Light (self released)
Jakob - Controle, Live & Direct Vol.1 (bFM)
Cassette - Marty Squire, Live & Direct Vol.1 (bFM)
Hot Swiss Mistress - Hail To The Fourtune, Hot Swiss Mistress (Stink Magnetic)
Foto - Hi Score, Test Pattern EP (self released)
Lesley Speaker - Sucked Out, Radio One Music Sampler #5 (Radio One)
Thrush - Window-Dressing For The Nouveau Riche, Long Live Our Chains (Psuedemigre)
Spazmatron - Fear Junkie, Low Tech Bent (self released)
Sud - We Do Not Know, Everything's Distorted (Wet Records)
Age Of Dog - Brainwash, Age Of Dog (Earwig)
Alpha Plan - Personality & Earning Potential, City Of Bastards (Earwig)
Broken Heartbreakers - Angels Are Callin' On High, Live Demo Sessions (Wine Cellar)
Jamie Stone - Everyday We Pay, Kaleidoscope World Series 5 (Powertool Records)
Labretta Sude & The Motel 6 - True Love, Loon-A-Tiki (Charlie Horse Records)
Phony Bone - Penny, Phony Bone (self released)
Verlaines - Yangtze Cod & Chips (self released)
Conduits Of Konsumption - Black Trash, Cok Sucker Blues (Gestalt Information Communications Source Network)
Tape - Revealed Limited Edition, Safety Copy Clone (self released?)
Pirongia Mountain Music Company - NZ Anthem, Ain't That The Truth (Pirongia Mountain Music Company)


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