Counting The Beat 19 Nov 2016

Download Counting The Beat 19 Nov 2016 podcast

Gianmarco Liguori - Beat Instrumental (Sarang Bang Records)
Electric Wire Hustle - Brother Sun  (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignan Version) (Ramrock Blue)
Raskolnikovs - Lonely River, At The Hour Of Sunset (self released)
Head Like A Hole - Creedence (Battle Hymn Records)
Avotor - Wait And See (self released)
Features - City Scenes, Features (Flying Nun)
Pin Group- Ambivalence, Ambivalence (Flying Nun)
Dadamah - Violet Stains Red, Violet Stains Red (Yelloe Records)
Dissolve - Strand,  That That Is ... Is (Not) (Kranky)
Roy Montgomery - You Can’t Always Get What You Deserve, Tropic Of Anodyne (Grapefruit)
Roy Montgomery - Six Guitar Salute to Peter Gutteridge, Darkmotif Dancehall (Grapefruit)
The Bats - In The Subway, Free All The Monsters (Flying Nun)
The Renderers - Great Ships, Dream Of The Sea (Tinsel Ears)
Dance Athsmatics - PG, Lifetime Of Secretion (Melted Icecream)
The Trendees - Horror Watching Youth Watching, Abandoned Hospital (Epic Sweep)
Lamp Of The Universe - Space Craft, Hidden Knowledge (Clostridium)
FIS - Root Collars, From Patterns To Details (Subtext)
Douglas Lilburn - Dance Sequence For Expo 70, New Zealand Electronic Music (Kiwi)
Dudley Benson - Tui, Deforestation (Golden Retriever Records)
Beastwars - Call To The Mountain, The Death Of All Things (Destroy)



Roddus said...

Hey Chris, something is wrong with the download link.

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix that tonight.

Chris said...

Download will work now. Sorry about that.