Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 4 Sept 2021

Supa - Melt, Enjoy/Water (Flying Out)
The Chance - Plane Over Thailand, The Chance (Unwucht)
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks, New Gold Mountain (Self Released)
Hamish Kilgour - H.K. Eleven Eight, All Of It And Nothing (Ba Da Bing)
The Veils - Axolotl, Total Depravity (Nettwerk)
Vanessa Worm - In Heaven We Are, Vanessa 77 (Optimo Music)
Cave Circles - Waves, Cave Circles (Wonderful Noise)
Trillion - Cinders On The Dancefloor, Fireworks (Monkey Records)
Upper Hutt Posse - Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou, Declaration Of Resistance (Kia Kaha Productions)
Ratso - Shut Your Face (Self Released)
Tigers Of The Sea - Four Fades, Cut And Run (Self Released)
Stungrenades - This Is How It Is, An Album Party (Bastard Son Records)
Centre Negative - Secretly He's A Racist, Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
Cakekitchen - Airships, Time Flowing backwards (Dais)
Sulfate - Speaking For Others, Sulfate (Prison Tapes)


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