Counting The Beat Lockdown 90's Singles Special

Trash - On And On With Lou Reed (New World Of Sound, 1992)
Brown Velvet Couch - Once In A Very Blue Moon (Roof Bolt, 1994)
Cyclops - Light (New World Of Sound, 1993)
The Landing - Broken Glass (Sarang Bang Records, 1997)
Alastair Galbraith & Demarnia Lloyd - Tae Keening / Flickering Birds, Tae Keening (Roof Bolt, 1995)
Peter Jefferies & Stephen Kilroy - Crossover (Ajax, 1993)
Meatmarket - Third Song, Valve Thing (Yellow Bike Records, 1994)
Ashvins - Pisces House, Valve Thing (Yellow Bike Records, 1994)
Lung - Elvis Areshole (Yellow Bike Records, 1992)
Foisemaster - Sportsperson, Bad Offal Vegan king (Lizard Mull Records, 1994)
Heazlewood - Satan Is The God Of Rock n Roll, Introducing The Ron Asheton Club (Crawlspace Records, 1996)
Queen Meanie Puss - Glass Hole Pit, The Darkling (Siltbreeze, 1992) 
The Terminals - Something Dark, What's That Noise? (Raffmond/Xpressway, 1992)
Dead C - Tranenbeutal, What's That Noise? (Raffmond/Xpressway, 1992)
Sandra Bell - Chord, Chord (Turbulence, 1995)
Jefferies Carter Bull - Guided Tour (Live), What's That Noise? (Raffmond/Xpressway, 1992)
Crude - Bionica (Crawlspace Records, 1997)


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