Counting The Beat Lockdown Sleepout Special 11 Sept 2021


Lorde - The Path, Solar Power (Universal)
Mmdelai - A Common Solve, EPII (Bleeding Gold Records)
Coco Solid - Grafitti Girls For Life. Grafitti Girls 4 Life (Self Released)
Indi - Woman, Precipice (Flying Nun)
Birds Of Passage - And All Of Your Dreams, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali)
Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man, Live At KEXP (4AD)
Sonya Waters - Asylum, No Pain (Ripper Records)
Gurlz - What's The Cure, Gurlz (RTC)Leila Adu - Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker, Dark Joan (Frizz Records)
Hamerkop - Mourning Bells, Remote (Flying Nun)
Purple Pilgrims - Yes, Eternal Delight (No No Fun Records)
Little Bark - Arpreggiator, USB (Flying Out)
Estere -Rent, My Design On Other's Lives (Rough Peel Records)
Ladi 6 - Like Water, The Liberation Of ... (Eskapaden)
Benee - Find An Island, Fire On Marzz and Stella & Steve (Republic Records)
Kimbra - Goldmine, The Golden Echo (Warner Bros.)
Bic Runga - Life Will Get Better Some Day, Close Your Eyes (Wild Combination Recordings)


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