Counting The Beat Lockdown Edition Aug 2021

Troy Kingi - Call My Name (School), Black Sea Golden Ladder (Allgood Absolute Alternative Records)
Echo Children - Volcanoes, Toxic Happiness (Self Released)
Anthonie Tonnon - Leave Love Out Of This, Leave love Out Of This (Slowtime Records)
Maxine Funke - Lucky Penny, Seance (A Colourful Storm)
The Bend - School Policy On Stickmen, We Disappear (Armchair Records)
Mammal - Beware The Man (Red Rat Records)
Aoturoa - Brothers, Aoturoa (Holiday Records)
Lips - Heave Ho!, I Don't Know Why I Do Anything (Self Released)
Data Animal - Bad M.F. (Dedstrange)
Pickle Darling - Everything Is Flammable, Cosmonaut (Z Tapes)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Every Loser Needs A Mother, Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby (Rice Is Nice)
Fuzzy Robes - Psalm 25, Night Prayers (Bullrush)
Ermehn - Bank Job (Sony BMG)


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