Counting The Beat: Down The Melancholy Highway

Jazmine Mary - Remembering, The Licking Of A Tangerine (Arcade Recordings, 2021)
Reb Fountain - Lacuna, Iris (Flying Nun, 2021)
Lips - Not Today, I Don't Know Why I Do Anything (Lips Limited, 2021)
Cloudboy - Pet (Flying Nun, 1996)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Mother's Love, Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby (Rice is Nice, 2021)
Dear Time's Waste - Blue & Gold, The End Of Puppies (A Low Hum, 2014)
Lorde - Stoned At The Nail Salon, Solar Power (Universal, 2021)
Maxine Funke - Second Hand Store, Felt (Epic Sweep Records, 2012)
Coco Davis - Last Kind Words, Old Haunts (Fireplace, 2015)
Tiny Ruins - Priest With Balloons, Some Were Meant For Sea (Spunk, 2012)
Kathy Bull - Eyes On The Door, Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence, 1991)
Francisca Griffin - Ghost Boy, The Spaces Between (CoCoMuse, 2018)
Motte - Give It To Me, Strange Dreams (CoCoMuse, 2017)
Eb & Sparrow- Death, Seeing Things (Slow Boat Records, 2018)
Emily Edrosa - Hollywood Dream Trip, Another Wave Is Coming (Park The Van, 2020)
Tiny Pieces Of Eight - Becalmed The Sea Has Stopped, Sea Shanties For Frank (Not On Label, 2019)


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