Counting The Beat 2017 Review

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Fazerdaze - Friends, Morningside (Flying Nun)
The Chills - Lost In Space (Fire Records)
The Bads - Him & Her, Losing Heroes (self released)
Ghost Town - Stolen Kisses, Sky Is Falling Ghost Records)
Arhur Ahbez - Once Again, Volume II (Sham Records)
i.e.crazy - You're A Stranger (To Me Now), Non Compos Mentis (Muzai)
The Terminals - The Edge of The Night, Antiseptic (Ba Da Bing)
Shayne Carter - I Know Where I Stand, Offsider (Flying Nun)
Mark de Clive-Lowe - L & H, Live At The Blue Whale (Mashi Beats)
Aldous Harding - Horizon, Live At KEXP (4AD)
Motte - Give It To Me, Strange Dreams (Coco Muse Releases)
The New Existentialists - Mysteries Of The Worm (Spacecase Records)
The Cavemen - Dog On A Chain (Slovenly)
Bill Direen & The Bilders - The Story Of Baden, Chrysanthemum Storm (Zelle)
Piece War - Who Will Love You Know, Apathy (Square One Again)
Nadia Reid - The Arrow And the Aim, Preservation (Basin Rock)
Reb Fountain - Down In The Valley, Little Arrows (Fountain Music)
Great North - The Last Bus Home, The Golden Age (self released)
Human Resource - Scab Army, HR (Arcade Recordings)
Hollywoodfun Downstairs - Dresden Dreams, Tetris (Antena Krsyku)
3Ds - Dust (Flying Nin)
Doublehappys - Anyone Else Would (Flying Nun)
Salon Kingsadore - 1C1, Instant Compositions (Sarang Bang Records)
FIS And Rob Thorne - Wooden Lung, Clear Stones (Subtext Recordings)


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