Counting The Beat B-sides Lost 80s

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The Remarkables - Neighbours, Waiting For A Wave (Meltdown Records, 1985)
The Pterodactyls - Born Again, We've Done it Now (Meltdown, 1987)
The Hulamen - Working For A Weekend, Beer & Skittles (Eel-Man, 1982)
Freudian Slips - Not The Best, Are You Laughing? (Jayrem, 1985)
Gurlz - Out Of Bounds, Gurlz (RTC, 1982)
Three Men Leaning - By Your Leave, Three Men Leaning (Meltdown, 1987)
Miltown Stowaways - Strong And True, Strong And True (Unsung, 1982)
The Clear - The Television Love Song, The Clear (Ode Records, 1988)
Spines - Your Body Stays, Punch (Ripper, 1983)
Diatribe - Dangerous Game, Too Lazy (Warrior Records, 1983)
Vague Secrets - Africa, Vague Secrets (RadarRecords, 1985)
The WASP Factory - Eric's Song, The Wasp Factory (F-Star, 1986)
Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace, Two Songs (Reaction, 1983)



Roddus said...

Nice show, and yes i was familiar with some of these tracksa, although I only own just the one EP (Gurlz). Mostly I would have heard them on Student Radio, as I was an avid listener back in the 80's.
Several of these EP's have been floating round the Penny lane NZ bins for somewhile, but the prices are ca bit high for my taste, particularly That Spines EP, they have it for $50 but I don't like to pay that much for two songs. They do have several copies of Frudian Slips.

Roddus said...

Have listened to this show several times now and really like a lot of thiis stuff. Another Idea for a B-Sides I would love to hear, as I know you have quite a collection of New Zealand various Artists compilations, would be a selection of obscure and rare tracks from those comps, especially from bands that never actually released anything else.

Thanks for the music.