Counting The Beat radio show Nov 2017

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Great North - Hallelujah For the Losers, The Golden Age (self released)
Paul Ubana Jones - Raga / Bird Without Song, Paul Ubana Jones (Pagan)
Bill Lake & The Right Mistake - Grown Out Of the Blues, As Is Where Is (self released)
Full Moon Fiasco - Queen Of Hearts, Summer Eyes (Fantasy Fiction Records)
Piece War - Ice Is Melting, Apathy (Square One Again)
A J Sharma - Death Rock On, Tabla Diablo (Coco Muse Records)
Cave Circles - Housekeeping, Apricity (Wonderful Noise)
Salad Boys - Dream Date, Metalmania (Trouble Mind)
The Situations - Island Fever, You Are What You Are (Goon Records)
Sneaky Feelings - Not To Take Sides, Send You (Flying Nun)
Shifting Sands - Waiting For The Sun, Cosmic Radio Station (Fishrider)
Sere - New Path, Sere (Arcade Recordings)
Tall Dwarfs - All My Hollowness To You, Three Songs (Furtive)
Seth Frightening - Laughter, But We Love My Brothers And Sisters (self released)
Mermaidens - Smothering Possession, Perfect Body (Flying Nun)
The Brunettes - Talk To Jesus, Holding Hands Feeding Ducks (Lil’ Chief)
Piece War - Darkness, Apathy (Square One Records)
Shoutin’ Preachin’ - New Low Humans, New Low Humans EP (Sound Recordings)
Spook The Horses - Flood, Rainmaker (Honesty Is Appreciated)
Shihad - Cheap As, FVEY (Warners)
Ov Pain - Soon To Be, Ov Pain (Coco Muse Records)
Great North - The Late Bus Home, The Golden Age (self released)



Roddus said...

Salad Daze?????

How do you look for new releases on Disgogs as you mentioned in the ashow?

Chris said...

Salad Boys that should be. When I go to the Discogs page a new releases list shows on the right hand side and it has a "View More New Releases" link in it. I think you can configure your Discogs page if your logged in to show various things.