Welcome to Counting The Beat

Counting The Beat is a New Zealand Music podcast and radio show focusing on showcasing great kiwi music that doesn't necessarily reach the audience that it deserves. I'm also dead keen on themes, so there are plenty of episodes that centre around a particular genre, song subject or artist.

The show began in 2002 as a weekly Sunday night radio show broadcast on The Beach on Waiheke Island and continued in this form until late 2007. It is is soon to take up residency on Waiheke Radio, a non-commercial community station to be run by the Waiheke Community Radio Trust.

The podcasts began in 2007 as recorded and edited radio shows, usually revolved around a special theme or a recording of a live act. Currently each episode is being compiled specifically as a podcast, although they will soon be broadcast on Waiheke Radio too. A full archive of all the Counting The Beat podcasts is available at Bigpod, the fine people who host my podcast along with many others you should check out.

Here I will be making short posts to accompany each episode focusing on links, further info and how to access the music. Occasionally I will post about one of the historical episodes or some other New Zealand music related topic.

I look forward to your feedback on the blog and the podcasts, either through the comments or by emailing me via the link above.

Thanks for listening.


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