Counting The Beat radio show A to Z - A: May 2022

Just over an hour of New Zealand music on vinyl. Selections from the A section of my kiwi vinyl collection that haven't been spun for a while. All kiwi, all vinyl

Autumn Splendour - Carole, Autumn Splendour 10" (Not On Label, 2013)
Aporia - Moog In Cairo, Hotel Aporia (Fantasy Fiction/Cosmic Compositions, 2019)
Steve Abel - Best Thing, Luck/Hope (Arcade Recordings, 2016)
Arthur Ahbez - Once Again, Volume II (Sham Records. 2017)
A Dead Forest Index - No Paths, In All That Drifts From Summit Down (Sargent House, 2015)
Leila Adu - Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker, Dark Joan (Frizz Records, 2007)
An Emerald City - A Strange Sense Of Reality, Circa Scaria (Banished From The Universe Records, 2009)
Avant Garage - Sparrows, Music (Unsung, 1983)
Above Ground - Magpies, Gone AIWA (Siltbreeze, 2011)
Armpit - Side 2 Track 3, Leisure & The Elderly (Planam, 2016)
The Aesthetics - All Electric, My Rights To Riches (Ecstatic Peace, 1999)
AM - Dragonfly, Dragonfly (Trensmat, 2014)
Astro Children - When You Lose, Astro Children/Miss June Split 7" (Not On Label, 2016)
Asian Tang - The Boat Builder, Asian Tang (Lyttelton Records, 2013)
The Audacious Inevitable - Deviant System, Fakes (Self Released, 2016)


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