Counting The Beat April 2022


KMTP - I Love My Friends, Sunreturn: See You On The Horizon (Sunreturn, 2022)
Mousey - Pudding And Pie, My Friends (Winegum Records, 2022)
Vietnam - Kidney Bingos, The Quiet Room (Vietnam, 2022)
Onono - Neon, Onono (Not on Label, 2022)
Tooms - Black Door, Fake Teeth (1:12 Records, 2022)
Das Phaedrus - Ditch, Ghosts Of The Dunedin Music Scene (Not On Label, 2022)
Lamp Of The Universe - Return As Light, The Akashic Field (Headspin, 2022)
The Nudge vs Troy Kingi - He Orite, Kono 003 (Loop, 2021)
The Munros - Silhouette, Under The Sun (Backline Trust, 2022)
Fran's Remedy - True Love, Made In New Zealand (Not On Label)
Pickle Darling - Mouthful, Spring Onion Pancakes (Leather Jacket Records, 2022)
Data Animal - Future Primitive, Future Primitive (Ded Strange, 2022)
Die! Die! Die! - This Is Not An Island Anymore, This Is Not An Island Anymore (Not On Label, 2022)
Gramsci - Ourselves, The Hinterlands (Machine Recordings, 2022)
Babyteeth - Poser, Sunreturn: See You On The Horizon (Sunreturn, 2022)
Desperate Measures - The Rich-Tual, Rinsed (Easy Action, 2021)
Easy Off - Dark Place, Dark Place (Real Vegan Cult, 2022)
Bulk Bogan - The Bolt, Spinebuster, Not On Label, 2021)
Planet Of The Dead - The Great Wave, Pilgrims (Not On Label, 2022)
YFC - Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf (Failsafe, 2022)


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