Counting The Beat B-sides: Bargain Bin Treasures

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Quincy Conserve - Keep On Pushing, 20 Golden Rata Award Hits (Rata, 1973)
Max Merritt & the Meteors - You Touch Me, Max Merritt & The Meteors (RCA, 1970)
Prince Tui Teka - Hold On Tight, The Man The Music The Legend (RCA, 1982)
Anna Leah - Love Bug, 20 Golden Rata Award Hits (Rata, 1973)
Risk - 21st Birthday Party, 20 Golden Rata Award Hits (Rata, 1973)
Allison Durbin - Yo Yo, I Have Loved Me A Man (EMI, 1969)
Ray Columbus - Travelling Singing Man, Loxene Golden Disc 1970 Special (Loxene, 1970)
Howard Morrison - Ain't Never Seen A White Man, 20 Golden Rata Award Hits (Rata, 1973)


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Roddus said...

Certainly an interesting compilation, like the loxene comps which i mostly found in op shops, There is a sister comp on the same label called 20 Studio One Hits which I haveseen in Penny lane for not too much money. The Quincy Conserve track is bloody good. Max Merritt was one of New Zealands first Rock n rollers back in the 50's as well as his hit in the 70's. Is that the best track on the merritt album? What is the rest of the record like?