Counting The Beat 19 May 2018

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Delaney Davidson - Such A Loser, Shining Day (Glass Records)
Carb On Carb - It’s Been A Rough Year, For Ages (Black Wire Records)
Kody Nielson - Jo Jo’s Birthday, Birthday Suite (Flying Nun)
Doublehappys - Big Fat Elvis, How Much Time Left Please? (Avalanche)
Die! Die! Die1 - My Friend Has A Car He Starts With A Hammer, Charm Offensive (Sounds Of Subterrania)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - It’s Never OK, Sugar Still Melts In The Rain (Rice is Nice)
Rebel Truce - The Man Inside, Class Of 81 (Propellor)
Plum Green - Baby Bird (self released)
Car Crash Set - Heart Of Stone, No Accident (Reaction)
Onono - Inner Tree, Stand (Ball Of Wax)
Bloody Hell - Drone Pilots Union (Spik & Span)
Egovalve - Sertonin (Canal Boat Records)
Dellamorte Dellamore - Killing An Arab, Army Of Darkness (self released)
Scumbag College - Beauty Can Be Grim, Les Blues (self released)
Techtones - TT23, Techtones 3 (Ripper)
Ziggy Stardust Band - Ronald Fagen, Ziggy Stardust Band (Onset Offset)
A J Sharma - Mouthguard, Tabla Diablo (CocoMuse)
Death & The Maiden - Hourglass, Wisteria (Fishrider)
Free Radicals - Water Music, Polarities (self released)
Look Blue Go Purple - Hiawatha, LBGPEP2 (Flying Nun)
The Stones - Fad World, Another Day Another Dollar (Flying Nun)
The Kites - Got It So Good, Epic Sweep (self released)
Cave Circles - Housekeeping, Cave Circles (Wonderful Noise)
Birds Of Passage - Demons In Our Midst, The Death Of Our Invention (Denovali)


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