New Vinyl Video #61 Jan 2018


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Roddus said...

Happy new year, My record aqusitions this year has been a veritible flood. Got several you showed, although I still haven't found a copy of the new Salad Boys in the local shops here, go figure, although Penny Lane may have had it but I was sidetracked bu Dave pulling out a copy of the Keith Jarrett 10 LP Sun Bear concerts Box set. That blew my budget.
That Gate record I found to be pretty boring, nothing seems to happen over the length of the tracks. I'm afraid I not going to be much of a michael Morely fan. I seem to remember checking out that Bruce Russell record when it was flashed around on Facebook, I seem to remember it was sold out by then. Triumphs is awesome.

My Spook The Horses Black vinyl copy in in the post, thanks for the heads up on the coloured vinyl, I hope they sort it for you. I saw those Monkey Records releases but having a quick listen to two of them I wasn't inspired to purchase, but I have got acopy of the last one they issued in the post, I can't remember the neme right now.