Counting The Beat B-sides NZ Punk Vinyl

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Sommerset - Coming Home, Special Limited Edition Tour 7 (Swell Songs, 2004)
Unsanitary Napkin - Jerkin' Back & Forth, Patriotic Grooves (Always Never Fun, 2016)
The Enemy - Pull Down The Shades, AK79 (Velvet Tiger, 2008)
Markdown - French Import, Boneman (Self Released, 2015)
?Fog - 5 Heads of State, Fatman With A Big Dork (?Fog City Records, 1985)
Compos Mentis - Bullshitters, From Behind The Wall (Sound Mind Records, 1986)
Fantails - Dodgy Dude's Last Dance, Fantails (Scumbag College, 2014)
Las Tetas - You're Not Invited (1:12 Records, 2013)
Balance - Hardcore Is My God, Never Quit (Shortfuse Records, 1998)
Master Blaster - Dooms Days, Dooms Days (Self Released, 2016)
Parents - Bored / Boring, Low Life (No Fucking label, 2014)
Sticky Filth - Happy Birthday (Vinyl Countdown, 2013)
Rocket Jocks - 25 Minutes From Rivendell, The Last Alliance of Rockets And Cats (Souls 'n' Bones, 2010)
Mindfuckers - Gunga Din, New Zealand 7" (Out Of Order Records, 1987)
Nazgul - Private War, New Zealand 7" (Out Of Order Records, 1987)
Gravemind - City Lows, Gravemind (Product Placement, 2013)
Natural Glow - RTDs, Welcome To the Arse-End of the World (Always Never Fun, 2011)
Generation Dead - Permanent Headache, New Zealand vs Australia (Sick World Records, 2014)
Rogerknomix - Tasered Mum, III (Always Never Fun,2012)
Shitripper - Count Me Out, Brain Defect (Self Released, 2013)
Wazzo Ghoti - Who Killed Pope John Paul 1, Gone Ghoting! (Skank Records, 1989)
No Idea - Kick Down That Wall, Class War (Jayrem, 1985)
Bonecruncher - Moral Revolution, Bonecruncher (Self Released, 2015)


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Roddus said...

I love that Las Tetas - You're Not Invited song, I see it is still available from 1:12 but at 12 bucks for one song, I haven't yet taken the plunge. Bunch of hottoes though.