Counting The Beat radio show 15 Oct 2016

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Mali Mali - Nice But No Soul, As A Dog Dreams (self released)
The Veils - Low Lays The Devil, Total Depravity (Nettwerk)
Carb On Carb - Eden Terrors, Carb On Carb (self released)
Echo Ohs - You Don’t Mind (self released)
Miss June - When You Lose, Astro Children/Miss June split 7” (self released)
The Renderers - Dream Of the Sea, Measured Strychnine Invitations (Exiled)
Two Wolves - An Unaccounted Death, The Roar And Peal Of Distant Thunder (self released)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - This Familiar (Dischi Del Barone)
Tiny Ruins - Dream Wave (Flying Nun)
Cloudboy - Pet (Flying Nun)
Collapsing Cities - Fear Of Opening My Mouth (Way Out West)
Sommerset - Streets Don’t Close , Fast Cars Slow Guitars (Trial And Error)
Tigers Of The Sea - Dead Sea, Cut And Run (self released)
Opposite Sex - Oh Ivy, Hamlet (Melted Icecream)
Dear Times Waste - Blue And Gold, Puppies (A Low Hum)
Avotor - Nothing But Surrender (Midium)
Gate - Forever, Republic Of Sadness (Ba Da Bing)
Terror Of the Deep - Jupiter, Space Epic (Selection)
Street Chant - Pedestrian Support League, Hauora (Flying Nun)
Range - Under Attack, Henry Rivers (self released)
Riki Gooch - Very Nerve, Conglomerates Sampler EP Two (Wonderful Noise)
Pikachunes - Nervous, Pikachunes (Lil’ Chief)
Dance Exponents - Cashel Street, Expectations (Festival)
Transistors - Cashel Street, Cuppa Jarra Brossa (Melted Icecream)
Andrew Thomas - Flying Toward you, Hushhh (Kompakt)


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