Counting the Beat Radio Show 16 03 13

Popstrangers - In Some Ways, Antipodes (Carpark Records)
3Ds - Teacher is Dead, Hellzapoppin' (Flying Nun)
Optimus Gryme - Common Vision (Original Mix),
Jet Jaguar - European Funk Standard (Capital Recordings)
Body Corporate - Bannerman Missive, Howlaround (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Hasselhoff Experiment - The Nightrider's Theme, The Hasselhoff Experiment (Kato)
Superturtle - Sense of Foreboding, Beat Manifesto (Sarang Bang Records)
Marineville - Frilly Fashion, Fowl Swoop (Last Dog Visible)
Opposite Sex - Hamish and Chips, Opposite Sex (Fishrider)
Badd Energy - Riot, Underwater Pyramids (Flying Nun)
Organikimness - As The Day (VIP Mix) Ft JB Naste
Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama - Smokestack Blues, Vinegar and Rum (Bo Weavil Recordings)
Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama - Grotto, Vinegar and Rum (Bo Weavil Recordings)
Ritchie Venus & L Stevie McCabe - My Precious Thing, My Precious Thing (Unwucht)
The Garbage and The Flowers - Carousel, Eyes Rind As If Beggars (Bo'Weavil Recordings)
Beastwars - Call Out the Dead, Beastwars (Destroy)
Goblin Mix - Travelling Grave, Outnumbered By Sheep (Flying Nun)
No Tag - No Tag, Oi Oi Oi (Propellor Music)
Sommerset - Fast Cars Slow Guitars, Fast Cars Slow Guitars (Drug Bust / Trial and Error)
Boss Christ - Swamp King, Wolf Party (Stink Magnetic)
Raw Nerves - All Fucked Up, Raw Nerves (1: 12)
Dead C - Heaven's Wheels, Dead C Vs Rangda (Badabing)
Tiny Ruins - You've Got The Kind Of Nerve I Like, Some Were Meant For Sea (Spunk)

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