Computer Games

Considering that half the music we listen to nowadays is made on a PC, and that the internet has become the primary means of getting hold of music for many, it's surprising that there aren't that many songs about computers or the web.

Of course, you'll probably be familiar with 'Computer Games', the 1979 international hit from new-wave outfit Mi-Sex, a band whose songs have proven to have surprising longevity, unlike the computers of the era. Alongside 'Computer Games' the band's songs 'People', 'Blue Day', and 'Space Race' still receive quite a bit of air-play today and are still readily available on budget priced CD. The video for the song is on the video page. In 2006 the song was reworked by North Shore Pony Club into a stonking dance floor number that again made waves overseas, with the video going on high rotate on MTV Europe.

Look up teenage fourpiece Moron Says What?!?! on Wikipedia and you won't find an entry. Which is ironic really because that's the title of their best known song. Energetic, bratty and verging on the annoying their songs are chaotic new wave crowd pleasers. Although they're not on Wikipedia you will of course you will find them on myspace where you can check out a remix of the song and there is a radio interview with the band here.

Wellington band The Sing Songs are a well named band - the name gives a very good indication of what the music is like - sweet indie pop. With all of the band sharing vocal, instrumental and song-writing duties they will be a band to watch. As well as the accomplished execution the songs are lyrically enagaging, catching the attention with oddball topics like pamphlet delivery on 'Pamphlet Baby' and web design on 'HTML'. Both songs can be downloaded for free from the excellent Einstein Music Journal.

On the podcast you'll also hear 'Computers Make Me Hot' from Dr Green & The Greasy Saucepan, a band who cite Apple computers as an influence.

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