Counting The Beat: New & Recent Releases Sept 2023

T54 - Birds, Drone Attacks- Expanded & Remastered (Ally Records, 2022)
Playthings - Sit Down (Stand Up), Playthings (Leather Jacket Records / Pinacolada Records, 2023)
Alpaca Brothers - Alien On My Doorstep, Figment (Zelle Records, 2023)
Admiral Drowsy - Mapped Out, The Gutter Boy Spectates (Not On Label, 2021)
Stefan Neville & Greg Malcolm - Cluck Old Hen, Don't Drown (Okraina, 2023)
Logan's Run - Shutdown (Shortfuse Records, 2023)
Logan's Run - Sideline (Shortfuse Records, 2023)
Unsanitary Napkin - Carnage, All Billionaires Are Bastards (Allways Never Fun Records / Limbless Records, 2022)
Beastwars - Cold Wind (Destroy, 2021)
Landlords - Violence, Codeine (Church Road Records, 2022)
Lung - Panic, Bad Acid Soundtracks II (Yellow Bike Records, 2023)
Deceptikonz - Elimination, Elimination (Savage Ent/Dawnraid Entertainment, 2022)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Rents 2 High, Trees (Years Gone By, 2022)
Cloudboy - (You're So) Pretty, Down At The End Of The Garden (Flying Nun, 2023)
Das Phaedrus - Casey Wrote, The StarsAre Real (Not On Label, 2023)
Pitch Black - Lost In Translation (Ape To Angel (Dubmission, 2023)
Nova Scotia - Fragments Of Dead Stars, Old Light (Horn Of Plenty, 2022)
Gate - Film Envy, The Numbers (Birdman, 2023)
The Dead C - Head, Tusk (Ba Da Bing, 2023)
A Handful Of Dust - Duck And Sally Inside, The Drum Is The Shaman's Horse (Feeding Tube Records / Carbon Records, 2023)


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