Counting The Beat: What the F? pt. 1


The Fanatics - Models, The Fanatics EP (Capital Recordings, 2005)
Raiden Freeman - I Am A Letter Opener, New Zealand Comedy (Prison Tapes, 2018)
Freddy Fudd Pucker - Shifting Sands, Hourglass Wine (Monkey Records, 2015)
Family Cactus - Fields And Fields, Spirit Lights (Arch Hill Recordings, 2011)
Fields* - Endless Journey, The E,P. (Not On Label, 2015)
Emily Fairlight - Body Below, Mother Of Gloom (Not On Label, 2018)
Freudian Slips - Don't Look Up, Are You Laughing (Jayrem, 1985)
Fantails - That's How We Do, Fantails (Scumbag College, 2014)
Fatal Jelly Space - Death Fuck Pop. Hole (Flying Nun, 1990)
Feelstyle feat Savage & Shayne Carter - Savagefeel (Festival Mushroom Records, 2004)
FIS & Rob Thorne - Front Ear, Clear Stones (Subtext, 2017)
Foisemaster - Masterton F.E.S., Bad Offal Vegan King (Lizard Mull Records, 1994)


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