Counting The Beat - Letter B

Counting The Beat - Letter B: All kiwi music, all on vinyl, all records that haven't been spun for a while, from the B section of my New Zealand record collection.



Broad Oak - Not A Lemur (Feat. Jumps) (Monkey Records, 2017)

Boss Christ - Wolf Party, Monsterbilly (Stink Magnetic, 2013)

Bygone Era - Twisted Days, Twisted Days (Onslaught Records, 1987)

Body Corporate - I Can Animate, Howlaround (The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society, 2008)

The Buckets Full - No Answer, The Buckets Full (Bucket Records, 1984)

Sandra  Bell - Siesta, Blackbirds (Volcanic Productions, 1986)

Dudley Benson - Domino (Stef Animal remix), Minerals & Rocks (Golden Retriever Records, 2007)

The Bollands - All My Ghosts, All My Ghosts (Monkey Records, 2017)

The Body Lyre - Chainsmoker, Escape Songs (Mole Music, 2012)

Bunnies On Ponies - Safe In Sound, Heat Death Of The Universe (Lovely Horse, 2015)

Batrider - Down Below, Bag Wine Forever (Not On Label, 2009)

Darryl Baser  - Following A Line, Raw Selfie (Zelle / Powertool, 2015)

Daniel Boobyer - Shake Your Dirty Chain, Time Killed The Clock (Tasman Records, 2012)

Bulletbelt - Mistaken Identity, Down In The Cold Of The Grave (Headless Horseman, 2012)

Bonecruncher - Top Rope Annihilation, Bone Crusher (Not On Label, 2015)

Birchville Cat Motel - Hoodoo, Jewelled Wings (Freedom From, 2001)


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