Counting The Beat Aug 2019


Pickle Darling - Rinse Spin Cycle/Nicholas Cage (Bigness (Z Tapes)
Purple Pilgrims - Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return), Perfumed Earth (Flying Nun)
Mark De Clive Lowe - O-Edo Nohonbashi, Heritage II (Ropadope)
Hegz - Moodstone, Nevabeefaymuss (self released)
Herbs - Azania, Whats’ Be Happen (Warrior)
Ha The Unclear - Things Rituals Things, Invisible Lines (self released)
Shunkan - Garden, The Pink Noise (Art Is hard)
Soaked Oats - My Mud Your Shoes, Sludge Pop (self released)
Earth Tongue - Astonishing Comet, Floating Being (Stolen Body Records)
Swallow The Rat - New Cross, Swallow The Rat (Headbump)
Terror Of The Deep - When The Planets Align, Space Epic (Selection)
Dog Power - Entourage, Dog Power (Flying Nun)
Pin Group - Jim (Superior Viaduct)
Fields - Life Cycle, The Fields EP (self releasaed)
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour - Hurtling Through, Hurtling Through (Flying Nun)
The Terminals - The Rain Has Come And Gone, Antiseptic (BaDaBing)
Warm Leather - Manic Static (Kato Records)
Beastwars - Storms Of Mars, IV (Destroy)
Gianmarco Liguori & Tom Ludvigson - Mollusc Respiration, Espiritu Santo Variations (Sarang Bang)
Piece War - Darkness, Apathy (Square One)
Contenders - Attract Repel, Contenders (self released)
Contenders - Dead Brain Rot, Contenders (self released)
Bulletbelt - Sacred Tongue/Nine Centuries, Nine Centuries (Headless Horseman)
Tall Dwarfs - All My Hollowness To You, Three Songs (Furtive)


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