Counting The Beat ABC


3Ds - Sing Song, Swarthy Songs For Swabs (Flying Nun)
25 Cents - The Witch (Flying Nun)
Androids - Auckland Tonight (Velvet Tigers)
Alpaca Brothers - The Lie, Legless (Flying Nun)
Bailter Space - Splat, Wammo (Matador)
The Beths - Future Me Hates Me, Future Me Hates Me (Flying Nun)
Darcy Clay - Jolene, Jesus I Was Evil (Grim Tale)
Cyclops - Simpleton (Feel Good All Over)
Dead C - Bitcher, The Whitehouse (Siltbreeze)
Doublehappys - Needles And Plastic, Cut It Out (Flying Nun)
David Eggleton - Bingo, Wrap Up (Partisan)
Exploding Budgies - Sunflower, The Grotesque Singers (Flying Nun)
Fatal Jelly Space - Miseriah, Hole (Flying Nun)
Features - City Scenes, Perfect (Propellor)
Gordons - Adults 7 Children, Future Shock (Flying Nun)
GhostClub - Cool Air, Ghostclubbing (Hausmusik)
Humphreys & Keen - Eyes Of A Blue Dog, The Overflow (Sweet Pea Records)
Herco Pilots - Essential Services, It’s Bigger Than Both Us (Propellor
Instigators - Hope She’s Alright, It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us (Propellor)
Idiot Prayer - Black Black Eyes, Falconer (Monkey Killer Records)
Jakob - Amasae, Erfo (Crawlspace)
The Johnnies - Who Killed Johnny (JohnArchy Records)
King Loser - Troubled Land (Flying Nun)
David Kilgour - Diamond Mine, Left By Soft (12XU)
Low Profile - Elephunkin’, Elephunkin’ (Flamewave)
Look Blue Go Purple - Hiawatha, LBGPEP2 (Flying Nun)


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