Counting The Beat Jan 2019


Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 - Gary Glitter, Dirty & Dumb (self released)
Salmonella Dub - Loletta, 25 years Vinyl Boxset (Self released)
Jed Parsons  -Get Lost, Midnight Feast (self released)
Harry Lyons - To The Sea, To The Sea (Norm Records)
Superturtle - Student Flat Reunion, Student Flat Reunion (Sarang Bang Records)
Snapper - Lock & Load, Celia Mancini Tapes (Leap Decade Records)
Negative Nancies - G.O.S.T., You Do You (CocoMuse)
Dog Power - Come Back To Paris, Dog Power (Flying Nun)
Builders - Nil Nil, Cut (Zelle)
Don McGlashan - Come back To Me, Lucky Stars (self released)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hanoi 2, IC-01 Hanoi (Jagjaguwar)
Dimmer - Powercord, I Believe You Are A Star (Columbia)
Avantdale Bowling Club - Afternoon Tea, Avantdale Bowling Club (Young Gifted & Broke)
Orchestra Of Spheres - Chimes, Mirror (Fire Records)
Unsanitary Napkin - State Psychopathy, Orgasmic Capitalism (Always Never Fun)
Bloodbags - Elder Statesman, Sinister Deeds (Spacecase Records)
Kerretta - From Elbow To Claw, Excisens (Golden Antenna)
Shallow Grave - Master Of Cruelty, Threshold Between Worlds (Sludeglord)
Arc Of Ascent - Black Seed, Arc Of Ascent / Zone 6 Split (HeadSpin)
Shallow Grave - The Horrendous Abyss, Threshold Between Worlds (Sludeglord)
Surly - 4Q 510-511, Trip to Warsaw (Polish Juke)
Holly Arrowsmith - A View From Above, A Dawn I Remember (Zenith Records)
Maxine Funke - Right Scene Wall, Silk (Feeding Tube Records)


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