Counting The Beat Record Store Day Radio Show 2018

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Sandy Mill - Let It Go, A Piece Of Me (self released)
Roy Irwin - Better Than Ever, King Of Pop (1:12 Records)
Unitone HiFi - Unitone HiFi, Wickedness Increased (self released)
Trinity Roots - Sense And Cents, True (Rough Peel Music)
Dread Beat and Blood - Tribesman, Package To Sell (Jayrem)
The Pin Group - Ambivalence, Goes To Town (Flying Nun)
The Digits - Who Sits Beside You, Dog Wrestled To Ground By Underarm Combat Flea (Sausage Records)
Sneaky Feelings - Wouldn’t Cry, Live At The Gluepot (Pinenut Records)
Sandra - Long Time, Net (Drawing Room Records)
Hex - Runes/Ruins, The Hill Temple (self released)
Headless Chickens - Expecting To Fly, Stunt Clown (Flying Nun)
The Miltones - Pursed Lips, The Miltones (The Miltones)
Eb & Sparrow - Working, Seeing Things (Slow Boat)
Mary Briefcase - The Ribbon Plant, Whisper Of The Sheba Dawn (Old Age Records)
Little Stevie McCabe- Eyes, Sweat it Out (self released)
Colin Long - Drug Fiend, For Winners (Ima Hitt)
Womb - Like Splitting The Head From The Body, Like Splitting The Head From The Body (Arcade Recordings)
Jakob - Emergent, Sines (Mylene Sheath)
Merata Mita And Diatribe - Treaty Song (Warrior)
Bushfire With Mike Moore - Taumaranui (Tartar Records)



Roddus said...

Just did some research on Sandy Mill as i am listening to the show and if you check out her discogs profile you will see she has sung on a bucketload of NZ tracks and some international as well by the looks. She was the singer in a band called The New Telepathics of which both of you dudes have copies according to discogs.

My first ever records were also Split Enz True Colours that my mum got me for Xmas in 1980 I think it was and also Misex - Space Race. Unfortunatly I didn't really buy a lot of NZ records in my youth although I did have some pretty good ones that are pretty rare now, before I sold them all off 20 years ago.

Roddus said...

I watched the Tait awards on You tube but I'm not sure what the controversary is? The live music did not impress at all, even the Headless Chickes sounded pretty bad.