Counting The Beat radio show March 2018

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Broad Oaks - Not A Lemur (Monkey Records)
Robert Scott - Shelf Control, The Creeping Unknown (Unwucht)
Alastair Riddell - Wonder Ones, Alastair Riddell (Mandrill)
Joe Blossom - How the Mighty Fall, Nocturnes (Cabbage Tree Records)
Drone - Music For Guitar and Piano, Drone (DDR)
This Kind Of Punishment - Two Minutes Drowning, This Kind Of Punishment (Superior Viaduct)
Grayson Gilmour - I Am A Light!, No Constellation (Flying Nun)
Dominic Blaazer - The Lights Of Te Atatu, The Lights Of Te Atatu (self released)
McLaney & Malik - Promises Of Eden, The Old Traditions (Escape Artist Recordings)
Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville - Lies, Scrum (Feeding Tube)
Humphreys & Keen - Eyes Of A Blue Dog, The Overflow (Sweet Pea Sounds)
Mark De Clive Lowe - The Golden Lady, Live At The Blue Whale (Mashi Beats)
Headless Chickens - Do The Headless Chicken, Stunt Clown (Flying Nun)
The Gordons - Coalminers Song, The Gordons (Gordons)
The Clean - Anything Could Happen, Boodle Boodle Boodle (Flying Nun)
Rhian Sheehan - Thimble Full Of Sorrow, Songs From Elsewhere (Loop)
Shayne P Carter - We Will Rise Again, Offsider (Flying Nun)
Split Enz - Give It A Whirl, Enz Of An Era (Mushroom)
This Kind Of Punishment - An Open Denial, A Beard Of Bees (Superior Viaduct)
Neil Finn - Lights Of New York, Dizzy Heights (Lester Records)
Mike Nock - Forgotten Love, Ondas (ECM)



Roddus said...

There appears to be one of the this kind of punishment tracks missing from your playlist.

Chris said...

Cheers - fixed now